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    Roman Tivodar won the RDS GP qualification in Nizhny Novgorod

    According to the results of the qualification, five pilots entered the Club 90+.

      < li>Roman Tivodar became the strongest in the qualification of the second stage of the Grand Prix of the Russian Drift Series in Nizhny Novgorod.
    • Arkady Tsaregradtsev and Anton Kozlov completed the top 3 qualifications with the same result.
    • Three teams at once – TAKAYAMA FORWARD AUTO, “FailCrew x DarkSide” and AUTOPROFI TEAM – in full force reached the TOP 16.

    Nizhny Novgorod hosts the second stage of the Grand Prix of the Russian Drift Series of the 2023 season. On June 3, a big racing weekend started at the NRing track “Nizhny Novgorod Ring”, which was opened by qualification and pair races of the TOP 32 of the country's main drifting championship.

    Good weather and work on the bugs, which the pilots and teams carried out after the start of the season in Moscow, allowed the qualification to go as planned – there were no technical problems and unexpected results. In a calm working environment, the pilots distributed places among themselves in the grid of pair races. The winner of the qualification was the representative of TAKAYAMA FORWARD AUTO Roman Tivodar, who scored 96 points in his best attempt.

    The reigning RDS GP champion Arkady Tsaregradtsev (“FailCrew x DarkSide”) and the winner of the 1st stage of the RDS GP 2023 Anton Kozlov (Carville Racing) just missed the qualification leader. Both scored 95 points in their best attempts, and only a difference of 1.5 points in the second result allowed Tsar to be higher than Kozlov in the qualification protocols.

    In addition to the top three, the “90+ club” was able to enter only two pilots. Three-time RDS GP champion Georgy Chivchyan (TAKAYAMA FORWARD AUTO) scored 93.5 points, and Nikolai Gorkovenko (Carville Racing) scored 92 points.

    Evgeny Losev (SINTEC • Fresh Marketplace), who encountered technical problems during training, seems to continue to find a common language with his new car, and his teammate Damir Idiyatulin canceled the first attempt in qualifying, and therefore had to be careful in the second run.

    RDS GP 2023. NRing. Qualification. Top 3:

    • Roman Tivodar (TAKAYAMA FORWARD AUTO) – 96 points.
    • Arkady Tsaregradtsev (“FailCrew x Darkseid”) – 95 points.< br />
    • Anton Kozlov (Carville Racing) – 95 points.

    On the other hand, events at the TOP 32 stage began to take shape much more dramatically. Through the mandatory “bye run”, only three qualifying leaders secured places in the TOP 16, and everyone else had to break through the standings through duels. And there were some sensations.

    First, Denis Sorokopud (LUKOIL Racing Drift Team) won the race with Nikita Shikov without a fight – the Carville Racing driver could not start at all due to technical problems. Then, due to his own mistake, Denis Migal (“SINTEC • Fresh Marketplace”) lost to Ilya Popov (“FailCrew x DarkSide”). Then Vladislav Popov (“FailCrew x DarkSide”) snatched victory from Anton Klyamko in a contact fight. Taking into account the “bye run” of Arkady Tsaregradtsev, “FailCrew x DarkSide” became the first team to reach the TOP 16 of the RDS GP stage in Nizhny Novgorod.

    All the pilots of TAKAYAMA FORWARD AUTO ensured their presence in the TOP 16 on the Nizhny Novgorod Ring next. Roman Tivodar through “bye run”, and Georgy Chivchyan and Timofey Dobrovolsky through victory over their rivals. Evgeniy Spirin (VSTeam) didn't have a single chance against Gocha, and Anton Dmitrienko opened the way to the TOP 16 for Timofey Dobrovolsky with his mistakes and departures from the track.

    AUTOPROFI TEAM also made it to the TOP 16 in full force. Stepan Azarov took the win quite easily after Nikolay Gorkovenko (Carville Racing) drove both races with a lot of mistakes. But Ilya Fedorov emerged victorious from the duel with Leonid Schneider (TimeUp) only after a re-run (OMT).

    In other pairs, no less fierce battles were in full swing. Charles NG (STAR ​​PЁR STARS AIMOL) took over Grigory Gusev (LUKOIL Racing Drift Team), who was driving with an unusually large number of errors. Dmitry Ermokhin (STAR ​​PЁR STARS AIMOL) had to work hard to defeat Anatoly Shcherbak, who was not easy in terms of aerobatics, and Evgeny Losev needed all his skills so that in the battle with Boris Abramov (STAR ​​PЁR STARS AIMOL) he would not be on the sidelines and not bring things to contact.

    Damir Idiyatulin (SINTEC • Fresh Marketplace) in a sharp and tight battle with his ex-spotter Maxim Grossman (TimeUp) was able to secure a ticket to the next stage of pair races, and Danila Skorobogatov (TimeUp) became the winner in a difficult and controversial duel with Vladislav Shubaderov. But Aleksey Vakhtin can be called the real lucky one – the VSTeam pilot enters the TOP 16 for the second stage in a row. This time his opponent was let down by his technique – Andrey Astapov was the leader brightly, but not for long, because in the status of the pursuer the representative of LUKOIL Racing Drift Team did not leave beyond the first relay. -for another breakdown of his car.

    RDS GP-2023. NRing. TOP 16 participants:

    • Roman Tivodar – Denis Sorokopud.
    • Ilya Popov - Charles NG.
    • Georgy Chivchyan – Dmitry Ermokhin.
    • Stepan Azarov – Ilya Fedorov.
    • Arkady Tsaregradtsev – Timofey Dobrovolsky.
    • Evgeny Losev – Vladislav Popov.
    • Anton Kozlov – Damir Idiyatulin.
    • Alexey Vakhtin – Danila Skorobogatov.

    One of the decorations of the first day of the Grand Prix of the Russian Drift Series in Nizhny Novgorod was the pair drifting of trucks. The famous KAMAZ-master team made its debut in the RDS GP with its rally-raid trucks. Eduard Nikolaev and Anton Shibalov, multiple winners of the Dakar and Silk Way rally marathons, arranged an unusual pair drift. Racers from Naberezhnye Chelny staged demonstration races in front of drift fans gathered in the stands of the autodrome and at the RDS TV broadcast screens. Eduard Nikolaev became the winner of the first ever RDS GP pair truck drift, but Anton Shibalov will have the opportunity to win back on Sunday – the races will take place between the TOP 16 and TOP 8.

    The weekend of the Grand Prix of the Russian Drift Series at NRing will continue today, June 4th. The participants of the stage are waiting for pair races from the TOP 16 stage up to the final duel for the status of the winner of the second stage of the RDS GP-2023.

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