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    UK will become world leader in AI threat, Sunak told Joe Biden

    Rishi Sunak is expected to announce that the UK will host a major AI risk summit during his visit to Washington. Photo: Kevin Lamarck. /PA

    The UK will take the lead in fighting the threat posed by artificial intelligence, Rishi Sunak tells Joe Biden.

    Mr. Sunak is due to meet with the US president in the Oval Office during his first visit to the White House as prime minister.

    He will announce that the UK is hosting a major AI risk summit and is expected to push for London to be the location of a new global AI regulator modeled on the International Atomic Energy Agency.

    Speaking ahead of Thursday's meeting, the prime minister said: “This medium-sized country is the world leader in AI.”

    “You will be hard-pressed to find many other countries besides the US in the Western world with a lot of experience and talent in the field of AI. We are a natural place to have a conversation.

    “Historically, the UK has done the right thing when we try to balance innovation with keeping new technologies safe for society.

    “I intend to speak to President Biden and many leaders around the world about this. world.”

    This comes days after one of Mr. Sunak's top advisers warned that AI could kill humans within two years if action is not taken now.

    In May, leaders of the world's largest artificial intelligence labs warned in a joint statement that technologies like ChatGPT could be as dangerous as nuclear war, saying “reducing the risk of extinction due to AI must be a global priority.”

    In addition to AI, Mr. Sunak is expected to discuss with Mr. Biden how the US and UK can strengthen economic security.

    He will also raise the situation in Ukraine after the alleged Russian attack on the Kakhovka Dam .

    Speaking to reporters in Washington, Mr. Sunak was asked about the economy and offered to support Jeremy Hunt's suggestion that a recession would be fine if interest rates were raised to bring down inflation.

    When asked if he agreed he, he said, “Yes, I think the chancellor meant that inflation is a challenge we have to face.”

    Mr. Sunak arrived in Washington late Tuesday evening before lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. at Arlington Cemetery on Wednesday.

    He met with senior politicians from the Senate and House of Representatives, but said he was too busy to meet with Donald Trump, the former president of the United States. jpg” /> Mr. Sunak meets with Kevin McCarthy, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, during his visit to Washington. Photo: Michael Reynolds/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

    Mr Sunak's visit is the first visit by a British Prime Minister since Boris Johnson in September 2021.

    He will announce that the UK will host an AI summit this fall, bringing together key countries, technology firms and researchers to agree on ways to assess and monitor technology's biggest risks.

    Speaking ahead of Thursday's bilateral meeting, Mr. Sunak told reporters, “This is a technology that will affect our lives and economies. It is important that the fences are in place. I'm doing it for the UK anyway, but we'll be discussing this more broadly.”

    The UK is the world leader in artificial intelligence, ranking third behind the US and China.

    The UK AI sector is already contributing £3.7bn to the economy and employing 50,000 people across the country.

    However, the rapid growth of technology has raised fears that it will be too advanced. quickly so that people can control them.

    On Wednesday, there were signs that China could be invited to the AI ​​Summit.

    A spokesperson for Mr. Sunak said the event was for “like-minded countries” who recognize the significant potential of AI , and “you need to make sure that the correct fences are installed.”

    He quickly rejected proposals for an alliance against China and Russia, saying, “No, it's about looking at technologies that are developing extremely fast.” said: “We will set out the invitations in due course. As I said, this is for like-minded countries that share the same vision of risks and challenges.”

    The focus on artificial intelligence marks a shift for Mr. Sunak, who has said he will prioritize strengthening economic security from threats from autocracies like Russia and China rather than a free trade agreement with the US.

    While in Washington on Wednesday, Mr. Sunak also laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images

    Mr Sunak said he would now like to see “concrete and targeted” ways to improve trade, which he believes could be new digital services deals or agreements that British car makers could extract from US environmental subsidies.

    “What are we? We are both focused on ensuring that our economic partnership reflects the specific challenges and opportunities of the times we are in now,” he said.

    He will also endorse new university scholarships to further the development of the UK. -US Technology Leadership.

    Mr. Sunak will present the president with two gifts at the meeting – a custom-made Barbour jacket with the word “Mr. President” embroidered on the pocket, and a copy of “Marine Discipline” written by Christopher Biden, possibly English ancestor.

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