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    Boris and Carrie Johnson 'brought in a friend to plan their wedding in Checkers during Covid restrictions'

    Boris and Carrie Johnson got married in May 2021. Credit: AP

    Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie hosted a friend who helped plan them Wedding is claimed to be in Checkers during Covid restrictions.

    The couple invited Dixie Maloney, a corporate event manager, to stay overnight at the grace home and mercy on May 7, 2021, The Guardian reported.

    At the time, indoor gatherings between different households were still prohibited, except when it is “reasonably necessary”, such as work or care for the children.

    A spokesman for the former prime minister said the visit was “completely legal” and “covered by the relevant provisions of the Covid regulations.”

    A source close to him added that Ms Maloney helped with childcare while Mrs Johnson was pregnant with her second child, Romy.

    Ms Maloney's spokeswoman said she took the restrictions “very seriously and “wouldn't have done anything at the appropriate time unless she sincerely believed it was legal.” do it.”

    They added that she “never officially worked for either Boris or Carrie Johnson, and never held any public office, whether in government or elsewhere.”

    The Guardian revealed that she was informally involved in organizing the couple's wedding, which took place a few months later.

    By early May 2021, most Covid restrictions were taken down as the government moved closer to step 3 of reopening the lockdown.

    The May 7 visit is reportedly one of Mr. Johnson's diary entries that Cabinet Mandarins told police about possible violations.

    After the diaries were handed over, Mr. Johnson insisted that any gatherings that took place while the restrictions were still in place were within the rules.

    Last month, he told Sky News: “None of these represent breaking the rules during Covid. They were not there during the quarantine.

    “They were in other periods of restrictions. None of them are in violation of the rules. None of them are related to communication. This is complete nonsense.”

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