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    The Michelin-starred chef says the best way to cook lobster is in the microwave.

    David Chang, an American chef, has written a book on the benefits of the microwave oven. Credit: Rene Johnston/Toronto Star

    A two-Michelin-starred chef has shown that the best way to cook lobsters is in the microwave.

    45-year-old American David Chang said people's heads would “explode” when they realize how easy it is to cook expensive seafood using the microwave. household appliance.

    “I can tell you with good reason that you can cook some of the best seafood in the microwave,” he said on his podcast The Dave Chang Show.

    “People can laugh at this, I'm sure many professional chefs would say, “Why take beautiful, very, very expensive red shrimp and cook them in the microwave?”

    “Everyone would say 'no, you're dumb', but it turned out great, and I thought: “Wow, I can't believe it worked.”

    Chang, whose New York restaurant Momofuku Ko has two Michelin stars, says two and a half minutes in the microwave at 50% power is enough to make lobster taste “wonderful.”

    How to cook lobster in the microwave

    He said the secret was steaming, which is what the microwave can do.

    The chef had previously written a book on the virtues of the microwave, but left lobster out of his recipes.

    Mark Hicks, an English chef, restaurateur and food writer for the Telegraph, expressed concern about alternative cooking techniques.

    “I've never heard anything like it in the world, this is news to me,” said Hicks.

    “God almighty, I wouldn't risk a lobster myself, but maybe he has a special method, maybe he knows something we don't.”

    < img src="/wp- content/uploads/2023/06/090db7ab735f32ac3e9d798e643748e7.jpg" /> David Chang attends a cooking demonstration during the BottleRock Napa Valley Festival in California. forced to use the microwave at a culinary event.

    “It really was so good, I'm not just saying because I made it, it was legitimately delicious,” he stated.

    “People's heads will probably explode when they see this because it seems so wrong, perverted.”

    Mitch Tonks, a chef who has written several seafood cookbooks, said that, despite Chang's optimism, he will still use the traditional method of boiling shellfish with salt and other aromatics.

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