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    ITV's World Cup coverage looks, sounds and acts like a debate among Tory leaders.

    Catwalks, interesting choice by ITV production team

    Saturday evening's show went well, although one can sympathize with complaints from other parts of the British Isles about people referring to England as “we”, and spectators should have been properly informed of the disturbance at the first entrance – but it is difficult to see how it lures the passerby. Luckily, the red card controversy has arisen, a topic on which anyone can have a passionately vehement opinion without knowing the slightest clue about the facts or context, ie. life as it is lived well in 2023.

    ITV has their favorite judge JP Doyle who kindly explained the laws. However, Sir Clive did not understand this and said: “This is not a red card in any form”, sparking a welcome debate.

    As for the rest of the matches, some of the non-English speaking faces on the show, such as Brian O'Driscoll, Brian Habana and Sean Fitzpatrick, seemed to have a better understanding that this was a showcase for rugby as an entertainment offering; indeed, O'Driscoll said it in the same words before the game with Ireland. The early signs are that quality and interesting television work will come from experts born outside of Blighty, a phenomenon I understand from reggae experts to accurately reflect the situation on the field.

    Looking beyond the talent, ITV's opening credits show giant rugby players tearing through the streets of Paris and crashing into all the obvious landmarks. The ITV studios have the capital's famous skyline as a backdrop, and any fears that the report wouldn't rely on o-la-la clichés were quickly allayed by the hot new sounds of Edith Piaf's “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien”. The choice is certainly unimaginative, but given that the opening ceremony, staged by the French themselves, was an absolutely ripe old fantasy that didn't go overboard.

    Commentator Miles Harrison said little intelligently during the curtain-raising extravaganza. : What else can you add to this spectacle when the outstanding French actor Jean Dujardin rides around on a bicycle and hands out hefty baguettes? Miles got off pretty well: “Gene is also a co-writer on the show. And he gave himself a lot of dedication.” But, unfortunately, the party never continued: dancing waiters, cooks, the Eiffel Tower, an old man dressed as a chicken, with a red rubber glove on his head, posing as a rooster.

    Considering that this tournament will be to be televised until October 28 (!), ITV will have plenty of time to play the bigger game, but so far you have to admit that things are missing a certain je ne sais quoi.

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