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    Angela Rayner promises to strengthen unions in first 100 days if Labor wins election

    Angela Rayner, pictured at the TUC Congress in Liverpool on Tuesday, also vowed to repeal anti-strike laws. Photo: Peter Byrne/PA

    Angela Rayner has made an “iron commitment” to strengthening trade unions in the first 100 days of a Labor government.

    Labour's deputy leader has vowed to quickly repeal anti-strike laws and introduce a new legal right for trade unions to launch workplace recruitment campaigns comes into play if her party wins the next election.

    Ms Rayner, who was recently appointed shadow equalization secretary, outlined Labour's proposal to trade unions in speech at the Trades Union Congress (TUC) conference on Tuesday.

    She said she would “make no apologies” for working “hand in hand” with the movement, and the party's “New Deal for Working People” would “strengthen the role of trade unions in our society”.

    Labour would create a new “legal, sensible right” “so that unions can gain access to workplaces,” Ms. Rayner said, allowing them to “meet, represent, recruit and organize members.”

    Currently, employees have the right to a union representative when they are involved in a dispute at work.

    But unions do not have the legal right to go into workplaces and encourage employees to join unions. This may make it easier for them to reach the recruitment threshold needed to go on strike.

    These agreements will force employers in any given sector to comply with “minimum conditions”, effectively creating “minimum conditions”. » across industries to prevent exploitative bosses from laying off their workforce.

    The speech was largely well received by trade unions, with leaders arguing that Labour's promises would improve the lives of workers and their families.

    Labour would also repeal “anti-union” laws, support collective bargaining and “rubber stamp” the blacklist once and for all “following a scandal in which construction workers were scrutinized for their union ties.

    'The devil is in the details'

    But Unite chief Sharon Graham, who blamed Sir Keir Starmer for the '90s Act, warned that “the devil will be in the details and the words on the page.”

    “There can be no retreat from harmonized workers' rights,” she said. “Britain is suffering and Labor needs to be bold.”

    Meanwhile, Mick Lynch, head of the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union, suggested it may be some time before commitments are made completed.< /p>

    “It's not ideal, but it's better for the Labor Party to make these promises,” he said. “If the glass is half full or half empty, then at least there is a glass that has something in it.”

    Ms Rayner, who wore colorful heels, addressed delegates with a call to help Labor win the next election, insisting that “we must come together, march together and campaign shoulder to shoulder” to defeat the Tories.

    < p>She vowed to begin securing a new deal by putting forward a labor rights bill within the party's first 100 days in power, adding: “It's an iron-clad commitment.”

    She also said the state would do it. take on a “more active and strategic role” in the economy by fixing Britain's “broken labor market.”

    The Tories said the speech showed Labour's “mask” had fallen and accused Ms Rayner of promising unions to gain “more control” of the British economy, while risking further strikes.

    “The mask has slipped”

    Greg Hands, Chairman of the Conservative Party, said: “The mask has fallen. Despite Keir Starmer's short-term pledges to support business, his deputy leader is promising Labor party paymasters that they will have more control over the British economy.

    “Repealing anti-strike laws will mean more strikes, which will damage the economy and ruin the lives of hardworking people.

    “Only the Conservatives will provide the protection we need to stop Labor-backed union leaders trying to shut down the country.”

    As part of its new deal, Labor says it will give workers the power to collectively negotiate higher pay through “agreements.” on fair pay.”

    These agreements will force employers in any given sector to meet “minimum conditions”, effectively creating a “floor” across all industries to prevent “exploitative” bosses from cutting their workforces

    Elsewhere, Sir Keir said his job was to join unions in a partnership that would “take us to power”.

    Answering questions during the visit to Liverpool, he said: “I run a political party. And I want the Labor Party to form the next government.

    “Unions run their unions and protect their workers.

    “My job is to join them in a partnership that takes us to power “.

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