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    Every 2023 Rugby World Cup jersey is ranked, from toothpaste to seagulls.

    Hello, rugby readers and lost fashion lovers. With just a few days until the Rugby World Cup kicks off, there's still time to pick up that jersey you've been saving up for – but which one should I hear you cry?

    Perhaps Telegraph A helpful ranking of all 40 kits World Cup kits will help you make your decision.

    We've gone with shirts only, shorts and socks weren't considered as we try to find good images of full rugby kits. takes longer than it should.

    In terms of suppliers, here's a quick look at who has the most and least presence in France:

    Rugby World Cup 2023 Kit Manufacturers

    Macron, as you can see, is the clear winner, producing the Georgia kit , Italy, Portugal, Romania, Samoa, Scotland and Wales.

    Once you're done, leave a comment to tell us which shape you like and which one makes you feel a little sick.

    40. New Zealand (alternate)

    First thought: There's more you can do with a fancy fern design (more on that later) . Looks like the kind of retro sportswear you'd wear to paint your second bedroom on a Sunday. So you really don't care that much. Perhaps it's because of the creamy color. I have no idea what shorts and socks it will go with, but I don't see why we should care here.

    39. Samoa (alternative)

    Perhaps a little harsh this low level, but it looks a bit like a future home strip, details too reserved. Show them. Would look better with (presumably) navy shorts. The 2019 offering had an all-blue tattoo sleeve with red trim, so it's a step back.

    38. Ireland (home page)

    I'm not entirely convinced by this shade of green – as noted elsewhere, it's reminiscent of toothpaste – and overall the offering is a pretty safe one. And from the looks of it, you should be a boring read. Did they make the coat of arms smaller? The collar looks like it had a little Tipp-Ex added to it. Seems big on technology and small on style.

    37. England (home page)

    As England's World Cup kit rankings noted when they were unveiled, they are nowhere near the best in class of 1995 or 1991. And not as bad as 2007. It's just a white kit with dashes that you'll never remember.

    36. New Zealand (home page)

    All the promotional photos for this kit are really weird, but since it's Adidas and the All Blacks, you're damn right there's plenty of descriptive detail to add to it. It was designed by a Parisian street style designer named Faye Volk, “who is known for his distinctive and creative use of the color black.” I swear I didn't make this up, even if it seems like I did. It looks like you are left with a mixture of leaves and silver fern. Positive marks, probably, for the collar and something trial, but this is not a classic.

    35. Ireland (alternative)

    There's a little more going on here than in the home version. Looking at the press release so you don't have to, I'm guessing those little lines are “laser-cut holes for breathability,” which sounds like something Q was working on. Notice how the collar and sleeves do something a little different, but you're not exactly thrilled, are you?

    34. Italy (alternative version)

    Almost a complete inversion of the home kit, except for the laurel wreath, which is now silver, so points down for lack of originality. However, there are worse white sets, this one has a real collar. On the reverse side, apparently, there should be an image of the Capitoline Wolf, but it is so thin against the white background that it is not even visible.

    33. Portugal (alternative)

    A tricky area to excel in, drab kits and welcome doses of green and red combined with varying shades mean it's far from boring. Maybe the logos could be a little mixed up in color? However, there is something much worse on this list.

    32. France (alternative)

    Comes paired with blue shorts and red socks, which is an upgraded version of the Tricolore. Here the boat probably could have been pushed further – remember the red number from 2015? Of course you do. In general, everything is… fine.

    31. Australia (alternative version)

    One of them was that you felt obligated to check the marketing ad to see if there was anything that could push it higher. Kamilaroi/Gamilaraai artist Dennis Golding designed the panel art and it's certainly an improvement on most plain white kits. That's all that can be said about this.

    30. Chile (alternative)

    Good news for condor lovers with their incredibly obvious feathers. It's a design that wouldn't look out of place at the 1998 France World Cup, which makes you feel pure awe that the late 1990s is now retro. Plus striped sleeves.

    29. Italy (home page)

    Macron's thoughts on this World Cup – the kit manufacturer, not the president – for some teams were focused on trying to find elements of each team's crest or history that could then be amplified throughout the uniform. That's why you have Caesar's laurel wreath in front of you. Decent collar and color, but would like more red and green.

    28. Wales (alternate)

    First reaction was straight out of the bag of assorted licorice until you remember they're going create the atmosphere of the St. David's flag. It seems the test of the Welsh alternate kit is whether you can see it being worn in Chippy Alley at 3am. Green version 2019? No. This? Quite possible, especially with this collar.

    27. Tonga (alternate)

    There's enough here to help this get out of the tournament's collection of more boring white kits, with lots of red and the same pattern from the home kit. The team crest also appears more frequently. Respectable.

    26. England (alternative version)

    I like it more now than when it was introduced. The dashes make more sense than on the home uniform, the red piping on the sleeves works, the panels are still a bit Marvel-esque, but I don't hate it. Not as good as the 1999 navy stripe or maybe even the red 2019 model. You'll see a lot of this: England will wear it against Argentina and Japan. Losing to Fiji is unlikely to help sales.

    25. Wales (home page)

    There's really nothing to complain about here. Nice correct white collar, pinstripe sleeves look good, correct shade of red. I barely remembered the 2019 release, unlike 2015, which had hints of gold. Will I remember this by 2027? Probably not, unless Wales win the World Cup or are eliminated in a hurry.

    24. Georgia (home page)

    Four years ago everything was very simple (and boring), so this is a welcome injection of design. “Bright red” is the slang way to describe the color, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It is indeed a huge Georgian coat of arms – Borjgali, “an ancient pagan symbol representing the sun, light and eternity” – and yet it is somehow not offensive, and it requires some effort.

    23. France (home page)

    Perhaps it's the weight of expectation that has designers internally wondering what trophy photos will look like in 20 years. time, but France has kept it incredibly simple, except for the huge red ridge on the right. The photo does not show the white shorts and red socks; do you see what they were going to do?

    22. Samoa (home page)

    Here I've chosen a blue color that's enticing enough for you to swim in, with lots of little nods to Samoa, including a “Pulatama” tattoo on the side and some seagulls that aren't that easy to spot at first until you turn up the brightness. . Far from the worst and not threatening to the top.

    21. Scotland (alternative)

    The right collar probably can't do any damage at the top of the rankings, because it's hard not to love the tartan trim on the sleeves. Besides, it's hard for me to say more about it, so… it probably deserves to be here.

    20. Tonga (Homepage)

    You're drawn to a unique shirt design and an interesting pattern, so let me help with both of them. FXV is a French company (Force XV), designed by kupesi tokelaufeletoa. Overall it's good. Nice touches on the collar and shoulders combined with the bright red hue.

    19. Chile (home page)

    Welcome, Chile. Fresh commands hospitably mean fresh stock and there is nothing to be upset about here, although with a collar it could go higher. The central pattern makes you feel like you're looking at an ice cube tray and cursing why they didn't all freeze correctly. In fact, it was supposed to be a “striking geometric pattern, following the contours of the Condor's wings.” Oh, oops.

    18. Scotland (Homepage)

    Lovely large checkered graphic on the sides and nice trim on the sleeves with a couple of pinstripes. stripes. Better than the 2019 version with the tartan on the shoulders and the weird collar. It's more like 2015, when Scotland suffered heartbreak in the quarter-final against Australia. To get knocked out at all, given their group, would be an achievement.

    17. Uruguay (home page)

    I really liked the 2019 offering, which had one huge sun and a hint of yellow, whereas this one is a little brighter from Flash (sorry). This time there are a lot of suns and an intriguing pattern on the shoulders that I can't find any information about. For a one-color set, this is quite good.

    16. South Africa (alternative)

    When even the designer calls a set “bold,” you know you're in choppy waters. Somewhat torn as to whether this is just a throwaway set of sevens or a genuinely fun concept. It would be a little disingenuous to criticize a set for being too big when the others on this list are so boring, but I also don't know if I could watch it with a hangover. This is harsh and contradictory.

    15. Namibia (home page)

    We're trying something here. The blue pattern is reminiscent of opening a can of paint after a long time and realizing it needs to be stirred, but the red trim on the shoulders looks great. We searched high and low for advertisements from BLK to see what it all meant, but found nothing, which means this set is essentially contemporary art for you to interpret.

    14. Georgia (alternative option)

    Exactly the same template as the home kit, but better? The burgundy color mix, crest design looks good and the collar is the same but somehow looks sharper. I'd like to see it without the obvious seams that make it a little confusing.

    13. Australia (home page)

    See you later yellow, we're back at Wallaby Gold for the World Cup. There's a lot to understand here, but the collar isn't. There's a lot going on in the background with the “attractive updated crest with raised metal trim” – I honestly didn't notice it. The 1991 and 1999 classics shouldn't lose any sleep, but that's a good thing.

    12. Portugal (home page)

    Broke with it. You're working with a superb color palette and it's very nice, but perhaps could have been a little better. The gold logos make sense to reference the flag, but perhaps they would look better in white. Two-tone red, green edging, thin Portuguese shields – everything works, but the doors don't completely blow off.

    11. Japan (home page)

    Very, very similar to 2019, but with an added stripe to the collar and more gold, so we're already off to a good start. The gold is actually meant to represent the sun reflecting off Mount Fuji, and it's such an intricate detail that you just don't get anywhere else, do you? Definitely the best half of the set, but the top 10? Not really.

    10. Romania (home page)

    The sleeves retain the Heritage design, allowing you to turn the yellow up to 11. It's always a little bold to use two sleeves in different colors, but it works. By the way, on the left it is blue, not black, with a design inspired by Kalusharia. The episode also contains information about how they used to perform a dance that “brought well-being and warded off evil spirits,” but you have already won me over, Macron.

    9. Namibia (alternative)

    It's pretty easy to forget at first, until you get to those lovely blue side panels that are small enough that you can now spend more time than expected trying to figure out what's on them, don't you? Almost tempts you to look for flights to Windhoek. Also proof to other teams that you can have an alternate white uniform and still make it really interesting.

    8. Uruguay (alternative)

    Well hello. I can't find a single image on the world wide web without anonymous arms, neck and stubble (sorry), but it's a cracker, gold as the sun, with some blue accents, including the team crest. Get used to this because you'll see it a lot in the pool stages: Uruguay is in three of the four games.

    7. Japan (alternative version)

    Again, almost the same design as the 2019 alternate strip, which is a rare continuity. Maybe they just dug them up and slapped the new RWC logo on there. Anyway, it was a hit four years ago and is here again. It has an “elegant blue tint,” Canterbury told me, and who am I to disagree. Yes, gold accents, yes, Japanese design. I would…really buy this.

    6. Fiji (alternative version)

    I hardly risk my neck assuming this will sell like crazy. The smell of that little independent cocktail bar you used to go to, where everything inside was done to the extreme, but you had the best time, as evidenced by your 20 Instagram stories. The more colorful sets on a list like this, the better, and oh, that's great.

    5. Argentina (home page)

    Lightweight and quite stylish, helped by the real collar. The 2019 offering lacked this, it had a presumptuous gold swoosh and a worse badge, so we're actually trending upward. You'll be able to see it this Saturday when Argentina meets England (and probably wins).

    4. Romania (alternative)

    Oh my God, this is a delight. Breaks with most of Macron's other offerings, keeping the details exclusively on the sleeves, and it's much nicer, with these vibrant botanical motifs that “recall nature, its cycles and the importance of the rhythm of life and its dynamism.” It's a great PR project and I'm enjoying it.

    3. South Africa (home page)

    Here comes Nike with a big Springbok comeback and it's a real hit: a chunky gold collar with an eye-catching Springbok flag detail. It's nice to look past the breathability elements considering how well Nike sticks to traditional briefs while adding a touch of flair. I would even go so far as to say this is the best RWC kit South Africa has worn since 1999. It is also made by Nike.

    2. Fiji (home page)

    Let's get started. Proof that you can pull off a white ensemble and it doesn't have to be boring. Large, statement collar and sleeve cuffs, subtle yet intriguing design on the sides. Impressive considering it doesn't overdo anything, but leaves so many other white kits here in the dust. Crisp.

    1. Argentina (alternative)

    Belt number 1. I'm almost as surprised as you. Gives us a regal aura – which proves true as it's inspired by Argentine grenadiers – and the official color is 'obsidian', which just adds to the overall extravagance and will have you reading about your volcanoes (trust me). Sometimes ranking these kits comes down to instinct, and that's an absolute beauty.

    Which kit will be the best at the Rugby World Cup?

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