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    Xpeng X9: Tesla Cybertruck-inspired minivan from fast-growing Chinese startup

    The minivan will be the sixth model of the young Chinese company Xpeng, it should enter the market before the end of this year.

    The electric vehicle company Xpeng was founded in 2014 by a group of Chinese entrepreneurs with experience in the automotive and IT industries. The first Xpeng model was the G3 compact crossover, its production began in 2018, then the range was supplemented by the P7 mid-size sedan, P5 compact sedan, G9 large crossover and G6 mid-size crossover. The sixth Xpeng model will be the large X9 minivan, it was announced back in May, at the end of summer the company published photographs of it in camouflage, and yesterday the Xpeng X9 “surfaced” in the electronic database of the Chinese Ministry of Industry, so now you can look at it without disguise, in addition some technical characteristics have become known.

    In its style, the X9 minivan is noticeably different from previous Xpeng models: rounded shapes are replaced by flat surfaces and sharp edges in the spirit of the American Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup: the Chinese new product quotes the “American” with the upper tier of the front “optics” and the design of the side glazing. The tailgate glass has a rather strong slope, which is not typical for minivans. The flat sides are decorated with triangular flourishes.

    Overall length of Xpeng X9 is 5293 mm, width is 1988 mm, height is 1785 mm, wheelbase is 3160 mm. There are no photos of the interior yet, we only know that it will have 6 or 7 seats. The basic version of the minivan will have a single electric motor on the front axle, its peak power is 235 kW (319.5 hp). The dual-motor all-wheel drive version has an electric motor with a power of 235 kW (319.5 hp) on the front axle, and a 135 kW (183.5 hp) motor on the rear axle, for a total of 370 kW (503 hp). The maximum speed of both versions is limited to 200 km/h. The curb weight of the single-engine version is 2555 kg, the dual-engine version is 2630 kg. Standard wheels are 19 or 20 inches. These are all the details for now.

    Let us add that Xpeng has often appeared on the news agenda in recent months. In July, it became known that Volkswagen would become a major investor in Xpeng and would buy 4.99% of its shares in exchange for access to its technologies: in 2026, two new Volkswagen models based on the Xpeng platform will enter the Chinese market.

    In August, a major deal was announced between Xpeng and the Chinese cab service Didi: Xpeng will buy Didi’s electric vehicle business in exchange for investments, together the companies will launch a new brand in 2024 under the code name Mona (the commercial name may be different). Mona will offer more affordable electric vehicles than those that currently make up the Xpeng range.

    For 2024, in addition, further expansion of Xpeng in the European market is planned: its cars are currently sold in Sweden and Norway , Denmark and the Netherlands, Germany will join the list next year.

    Xpeng also has an air mobility division, which is also quite promising and attracts investors.

    In general, among the hundreds of Chinese startups that have emerged over the past over the last decade, Xpeng has become one of the most noticeable, but it is not yet officially represented in Russia; gray dealers sell its cars in our country.

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