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    Storm Shadow missiles hit the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet

    Smoke was seen rising into the sky after the Ukrainian missile strike on Crimea

    Ukrainian missile strike Storm Shadow hit the headquarters building in Crimea, owned by To the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

    On Wednesday, the Ukrainian military said it had struck a command post near Sevastopol, where the Black Sea Fleet is based.

    A video shared on social networks showed UK-supplied cruise missiles sweep across the sky on their way to their goal. Other videos showed smoke billowing into the air after the impact.

    Andrey Yusov, a spokesman for Ukraine's military intelligence service, said it was behind the attacks, which also targeted several other targets on the Russian-occupied peninsula.

    “We can confirm that these were the actions of Ukrainian military intelligence. Ukrainian security and defense forces against military installations of the occupiers,” he told state television.

    Ukraine’s weapon – Storm Shadow

    Mikhail Razvozhaev, the Russian-appointed governor of Sevastopol, said that Russian air defenses repelled a rocket attack on the city.Crimea has been under regular attack since Russia launched full-scale hostilities in Ukraine last year, but Kiev has seen attacks intensify in recent weeks.

    On Ukraine's Independence Day on August 24, Kiev said it had raised its flag over Crimea after the commando raid.

    And last week there was a storm. A shadow missile strike damaged two Russian warships undergoing repairs at a shipyard in Sevastopol.

    Images taken after the attack show the Russian submarine Rostov-on-Don, one of the Black Sea Fleet's most advanced warships involved in cruise missile strikes on Ukraine, was heavily damaged.

    The British The supplied Storm Shadows are launched from Ukrainian fighter jets and have the longest range of any missile in Ukraine's arsenal.

    US missiles 'not ruled out'

    The weapon is equipped with a sophisticated warhead specifically designed to hit heavily fortified targets such as bunkers, and flying at low altitudes to avoid enemy air defense.

    Britain was the first to send missiles to Ukraine, although France also followed suit. and sent its own version, known as Scalp-EG.

    Ukraine is currently seeking more long-range weapons from its allies and, in particular, wants to obtain Taurus missiles, which are similar to the Shtorm, from Germany ” Shadow.

    Kiev has also long been looking for American ATACMS missiles, which are launched from Himars launchers but have a much longer range.

    Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is due to meet Joe Biden, the US President, in Thursday in Washington makes a decision on the missiles, which are reportedly high on Ukraine's agenda.

    Sending missiles that can hit targets up to 120 miles away “has not been ruled out.” at the table,” but no decision has been made, said National Security Council spokesman John Kirby.

    “The President will talk to President Zelensky about his needs and how the United States will continue to meet those needs.” “.

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