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    Rupert Murdoch's British newspapers 'could switch to Labour's side'

    Rupert Murdoch's newspapers may go over to Labor in the next election, the media tycoon's biographer predicts. Photo: Mary Altaffer/AP

    Rupert Murdoch's newspapers could defect to Labor at the next election, the media mogul's biographer predicts.

    Michael Wolf said the print mogul could decide to back Sir Keir Starmer's bid for the 10th place if it looks like he will be a “certain winner”.

    Murdoch's News UK owns four UK print publications – The Sun, The Sun on Sunday, The Times and The Sunday Times.All of these newspapers have supported the Tories in the last four elections, and losing any of their support would be a major blow to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

    The Sun backed Sir Tony Blair with its famous front page in 1997, which she called the Conservatives “tired, divided and out of control.”

    “He's done this before”

    Mr. Wolf, who wrote a 2008 biography of Mr. Murdoch, called The Man Who Owns the News and predicted that his newspapers might switch sides again.

    Asked whether any News UK titles might back Labor this time, he told Politico: “He's done it before. Could he do it now? Of course.

    “And I think that if he saw that the Labor government was benefiting him, he would certainly support it.

    “If he saw in the Labor Party certain winner, his support would begin to lean in that direction.”

    Mr. Wolf spoke in the voice of Elisabeth Murdoch, the 55-year-old daughter of a media mogul who lives in London. , will be “important” in shaping his thinking.

    Sir Keir has made clear efforts to rebuild bridges with Murdoch and his headlines after relations became strained under Jeremy Corbyn.

    The Opposition Leader has written articles for both The Times and The Sun, challenging left-wing MPs within his own party who do not think he should work with the latter.

    The Labor leader attended the media owner's summer drinks party in central London in July, during which the pair chatted one-on-one.

    Murdoch's exit is 'theater'

    Murdoch, 92, surprised observers last week. when he announced he was stepping down as chairman of Fox and News Corp, which owns News UK.

    In a note to staff, he announced he would become “chairman emeritus” of both companies and suggested his eldest son Lachlan would take over himself in control.

    But Mr Wolf, who has just published a new book called “The Fall: The End of the Murdoch Empire”, said his apparent ouster was simply “theatrics”.

    p >“It seems to me that nothing changes, that this is a kind of theatrical moment in which the plot does not have much development. The truth is that Rupert remains in power,” he said.

    “Lachlan is only sitting there because he now has his father's favor. And, as has happened many times over the years, the situation can change in the blink of an eye.”

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