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    5. Kemi Badenoch: Labor leaves black Britons feeling 'hopeless'


    Kemi Badenoch: Labor leaves black Britons feeling 'hopeless'

    Ms Badenoch said Conservatives believe Britain is “the best country in the world for black people because it is a country that sees people and not labels.” Photo: Holly Adams/Bloomberg

    Kemi Badenoch accused the Labor Party of pushing a “story of hopelessness” on young black Britons that calls for “asking for reparations” rather than being ambitious.

    In her speech At the Tory conference, the business secretary said Sir Keir Starmer would “bend the knee” to “those who would re-racialize society.”

    In contrast, she said Conservatives believe Britain is a “better country”. to be black in the world because this is a country that sees people, not labels.”

    Ms Badenoch also criticized the Labor MP for not knowing “what a woman is” and suggested it showed his party was not ready for government.

    She told Tory activists in Manchester: “I'm not a difficult woman, but I like to do difficult things. Conservatives are not afraid to do difficult things.

    “Last year I published a report telling the truth about race in the UK. Labor didn't like it. They want young people to buy into a narrative of hopelessness.

    “A narrative that says there's no point in trying because British society is against you and you'd better ask for reparations.”

    “It tells kids like me that the odds are stacked against them. Conservatives want young people to be proud of their country, while others want them to be ashamed. the divisive agenda of critical race theory.”

    “If that puts us in conflict with those who want to reracialize society, who will build up broken divisions, then so be it,” she said.

    —Let Labor kneel before this altar of intolerance. We will continue to build a country that is stronger and fairer in every way for everyone.”

    Ms Badenoch also criticized the Labor Party for its stance on transgender rights, while Sir Keir faced difficult questions about whether where he advocates for gender identity.

    She said: “The left is accusing us of a culture war. But we will not apologize for fighting for common sense.

    “I will not apologize for fighting for a society that knows what a woman is. There is no other party that will stand up for common sense.

    “If Labor MPs can't tell us what a woman is, what else aren't they telling us?”

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