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    Rishi Sunak's wife says he's 'doing the right thing' in surprise speech

    Ms Murthy shared personal details of her marriage to Rishi Sunak. Photo: Toby Melville/Reuters

    They met while studying in America when they were 24, and she was captivated by his “incredible zest for life.”

    She said: “What attracted me to What he has most is his strength of character. His honesty, integrity, character and strong sense of right and wrong.”

    The early stages of their relationship were a “complicated long-distance relationship” but she added: “On the other hand, let me tell you that there will be Rishi was the easiest decision of my life.”

    Speaking confidently during her first appearance at the party conference, Ms Murthy joked that reports that her husband “loves a good rom-com” were truth, adding that “the more banal, the better.”

    Episodes of comedy-drama Emily in Paris “do not reflect his views on the EU,” she assured audiences.

    “Aspiration runs through his DNA”

    Mr Sunak's parents emigrated to the UK from East Africa, and Mr. Mrs. Murthy reminded the audience that his father was a physician and his mother a pharmacist.

    At the conference, she said, “Let me start with one word that describes my husband: drive. Striving runs through his DNA, as does the DNA of this party.

    “Aspiration is what brought his family to the UK many years ago. And drive is what drives Rishi to build a better country and a better life for all our young people.”

    She called Mr Sunak her “best friend” and said the pair were “a team.” , adding: “I can’t imagine being anywhere else but here today to show my support for him and the party.”

    She concluded her speech by telling the audience that she often reminds her husband of the importance of fighting for his values ​​and conservative values ​​“when the going gets tough.”

    She said, “Rishi, you know this, you know that doing the right thing in the long term, even if it is difficult, is the right thing.”

    Taking to the stage, Mr Sunak quoted the conference slogan, thanked his wife and said she was “really the best long-term solution for brighter future than I have ever embraced.”

    Mrs. Murthy's appearance came as a surprise to everyone, including her husband. Photo: Stefan Rousseau/PA

    Even though she had been prime minister for almost a year, it was Mr Sunak's first conference speech as leader and he still felt the need to set out his personal story.

    He said, “I have been blessed in my life. I have a wonderful wife and two daughters who make me proud every single day.

    “And I was lucky enough to grow up in the most loving home.”

    Referring to his parents, who made financial sacrifices to afford to send him to Winchester College, he said: “In many ways, I would not be standing here before you today without them. They were and remain my inspiration. Thanks Mum, thanks Dad.”

    Mr Sunak said his parents instilled in him the importance of community and service, adding: “It was seeing them change people's lives that made me want to go into politics.”< /p>

    He reminded the audience that as a teenager he helped deliver prescriptions and “do the books”, which instilled in him a lifelong respect for small family businesses.

    Like every Conservative leader since 1990, he took his hat off to Margaret Thatcher said this. was “a party for a grocer's daughter and a pharmacist's son.”

    Mr Sunak's parents came to the UK as children with their parents, who he said were attracted to the UK “because we are a country that has a set of values”, including fair play.

    “I owe everything to our country”< p>After being criticized by the left for his controversial policy of sending illegal migrants to Rwanda for processing, Mr Sunak used his family history to highlight that the UK has always welcomed those who came here through legal routes or had a genuine claim to asylum .

    “We are a place for those who want to contribute to our national history,” he said. “Great Britain has done a lot for my family.

    “I often think about how different our lives would have been if my grandparents had not left India and East Africa many years ago.

    “I owe everything to our country, and it is my duty to do my best to help this country make the right long-term decisions for the years ahead.”

    Mr Sunak and Ms Murthy arrive to speak at the Conservative conference. Photo: Adam Vaughn/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

    Earlier this week, Kemi Badenoch, the business secretary, said the UK was “the best country in the world for black people”. and Mr Sunak said it was also “the most successful multi-ethnic democracy on Earth” thanks to the leadership of the Tory party.

    The first ethnic minority prime minister – in 1868 – was Disraeli, a Conservative, and the party produced the first three female prime ministers and the first non-white prime minister in Mr Sunak himself.

    “Meanwhile, He said: “The last three leaders of the Labor Party all live within one square mile of north London.”

    He said that when the Richmond Conservative Association first chose him as their candidate for Parliament, the U.S. The magazine sent a reporter to Yorkshire to write a story about the “candidate of the wrong race” who could cost the Tories the safe seat.

    “They should not have projected their prejudices onto our country,” Mr Sunak said. “Don't ever let anyone tell you this is a racist country. It's not true.”

    To those asking what the Conservative Party could offer immigrant families, he replied: “The chance to become Energy Secretary, Business Secretary, Home Secretary, Foreign Secretary, even the chance to become Prime Minister.” minister.”

    He was referring to Claire Coutinho, the daughter of Indian immigrants; Ms Badenoch, whose parents are Nigerian; Suella Braverman, whose parents came to the UK from Mauritius and Kenya, and James Cleverley, whose mother is from Sierra Leone.

    Mr Sunak said that when he first became an MP, his grandfather came to parliament to see he called him and called the landlady he had when he first came to Britain to tell her where he was.

    He said: “I am proud to be the first British Prime Minister of Asia, but guess what? I'm even prouder that there's nothing wrong with it.

    “And remember: the Conservative Party did it, not the Labor Party.”

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