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    Updated Opel Vivaro: the most fashionable in the K0 family, there is a hydrogen version

    The German brand Opel, part of the Stellantis corporation, has revealed details about the updated one-ton Vivaro van, which, together with other brothers of the K0 family will stay on the conveyor for an indefinitely long time.

    This fall, Stellantis has completely revamped its European light commercial vehicle (LCV) line-up and launched its new global commercial vehicle division, Stellantis Pro One, with the goal of catching and overtaking Ford in LCV sales. The group premiere of the European LCV line of the Stellantis corporation took place on October 23, followed by more detailed presentations of each model. This week it was the turn to take a closer look at the updated Opel Vivaro.

    The current Opel Vivaro on the French EMP2 platform has been produced since 2019 and together with the related Citroen Jumpy, Fiat Scudo, Peugeot Expert and Toyota Proace, it makes up an extensive family of one-tonne K0 vans, minivans based on these vans have their own names, for Opel it is Zafira Life.

    In connection with the premiere of the updated Opel Combo, we told you that Stellantis management, for reasons of economy, decided to extend the life cycle of all its existing commercial platforms in the LCV segment for an indefinite period. Moreover, from 2025, production of the K0 family will be established in Turkey. Now models of this family are produced in France, Great Britain and Germany, and hydrogen-electric versions of vans are exclusively made in Rüsselsheim, Germany. Contract assembly of Citroen Jumpy and Peugeot Expert is also carried out in Uruguay at the Nordex plant. Production of the K0 family in Kaluga, Russia, was stopped last year due to well-known geopolitical events.

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    During the restyling, the Opel Vivaro received a new front end in the signature Opel Vizor style, thanks to which it has already been nicknamed the most fashionable in the K0 family. Vivaro will continue to be offered in two lengths – 4.98 m and 5.33 m, maximum van capacity – 6.6 cubic meters, maximum load capacity – 1.4 tons. In addition to vans, Vivaro has had and will have versions with combined cargo-passenger bodies , minibuses and chassis with cabs, to which you can attach any superstructure.

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    We have already become acquainted with the updated interior of the K0 family models using the example of the Peugeot Traveler minivan; the Vivaro has everything the same inside, only the emblems are different. The instrument panel is now completely virtual, 10-inch. The new multimedia system with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor also has a 10-inch screen. The design of the steering wheel has become more modern, there is more space for small things. The driver has up to 18 electronic assistants, including a digital rear-view mirror and adaptive cruise control with traffic jam mode.

    The power plants of the Opel Vivaro are still diesel, electric and hydrogen-electric. The power of diesel versions (1.5 l or 2.0 l) will range from 120 to 177 hp. The electric version is equipped with a single 136-horsepower electric motor on the front axle, battery capacity is 50 or 75 kWh, and the maximum range on a single charge is 350 km in the WLTP cycle. In the hydrogen-electric version, the electric motor is supplemented with an electrochemical generator; the range with fully filled cylinders and a charged traction battery exceeds 400 km.

    Accepting orders for the updated Opel Vivaro in Europe will begin before the end of this year.< br />

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