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    It became known about the development of a gadget for lucid dreams

    There will be more productive hours

    A new startup, Prophetic, founded in the United States earlier in 2023, is developing a device to induce lucid dreams. According to the developers, the Hola project could allow engineers to encode brain information while we sleep. The device will look like a crown. The price of the devices is expected to range from $1,500 to $2,000 each, Fortune reports.

    A new startup may be able to start capitalizing on the productivity that can be boosted during lucid dreaming, Fortune reports. This type of sleep — This is a state where a person realizes that he is dreaming, but is able to control or manipulate the narrative. Up to 70% of people experience this phenomenon at least once in their lives.

    Prophetic enters the technology market with an innovative headgear called “Halo”.

    The creators believe that providing customers access to lucid dreams could, for example, allow for the encoding of brain data during sleep.

    It has long been known that people spend about a third of their lives sleeping. Prophetic wants to eliminate this lack of activity that occurs during sleep, causing the state of lucid dreaming.

    Working in collaboration with Neuralink N1 developer for Elon Musk's brain implant company Afshin Mehin, Prophetic aims to take the dream state to a new level level of control.

    The device will be worn like a crown. According to the company's website, it uses a combination of ultrasound and machine learning models created using EEG and MRI data to detect when users are in REM sleep to induce and stabilize lucid dreams.

    &laquo ;Together we will look for answers to the most important questions about life and death,” — the creators of the project believe.

    The company plans to begin shipping devices by 2025. The gadgets are expected to cost between $1,500 and $2,000 each.

    The product development is based on ongoing research at the Donders Institute in the Netherlands that targets specific brain regions and ultrasound frequencies for optimal induction of lucid dreams.

    The company has shown significant interest, earning “several hundred thousand dollars in revenue from device bookings” within the first few weeks after release. With this review, Prophetic hinted at creating a potentially significant user base who are eagerly awaiting the product's release.

    Some experts are skeptical that lucid dreams can be turned into useful tools. Many believe that the difficulty lies in determining how subjective awareness arises from brain activity.

    “The thing about lucid dreaming is that you can approach the dream content in a much more controlled and systematic way,” &mdash ; says cognitive neuroscientist Martin Dresler from the Donders Institute in Nijmegen.

    In 2020, cognitive psychologists and neuroscientists at the University of Texas reported that they were able to coax 14 out of 28 lucid dreamers into supervised lucid dreaming, including three people who had never lucid dreamed before, — no medications were required. Before falling asleep, participants learned to associate a cue, such as a series of beeps, with self-awareness.

    Another study of about 170 Australians suggested that checking to see if you're awake, setting the intention to become mindful, and performing a “wake up” routine may help. — all of this together can increase your chances of lucid dreaming.

    At the same time, German sleep scientists are studying its use for sports training — to improve concentration and performance in athletes.

    A physician at the Los Angeles VA published an article detailing the case of a patient with a 22-year history of chronic pain who cured himself overnight with one mindful dreams.

    «I am not an expert on lucid dreaming», — states Dr. Mauro Zappaterra. He added: “The patient woke up without pain. He said it was like his brain shut down and rebooted. A few days later, he goes to the pharmacy to return the medicine — 300 tablets. For me, this is quite convincing evidence of the effectiveness of lucid dreaming.”

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