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    Seven stages and a Super Cup – RDS GP presented the 2024 season calendar

    The Russian Drift Series Grand Prix (RDS GP) publishes the season calendar -2024. Athletes and fans of controlled skidding can look forward to seven stages of the championship in five cities of Russia and the Super Cup, in which pilots of the RDS GP and the interregional series RDS Europe will compete.

    On April 27-28, 2024, the new season of the Grand Prix of the Russian Drift Series will traditionally be opened by the Moscow Raceway, which often presents surprises at the start of the tournament: RDS GP regulars try on new technology, and debutants try to loudly make themselves known.

    < p>On May 25-26, the second stage will take place on the Nizhny Novgorod Ring track. RDS GP participants and long-time drift fans appreciate NRing for its racing spirit and intimate atmosphere. Next, on June 22-23, the championship will go to St. Petersburg to the fastest track in the series calendar – the Igora Drive circuit.

    The equator of the season will take place on July 13-14 in Moscow, but the organizers will announce the location of the fourth stage later. On August 10-11, RDS GP pilots will again perform in Moscow, but this time they will compete in controlled skidding on the “reverse” configuration of Moscow Raceway.

    On September 7-8, RDS GP will go on a Siberian tour to the homeland of many Russian drift stars – the legendary “Red Ring”. The races on this track are spectacularly technical. Here it is the skill of the pilot that comes to the fore, so victory in Krasnoyarsk is considered prestigious.

    The series final will traditionally be held at Sochi Autodrom on October 5-6, but in 2024 the participants of the main championship of the country for drifting, a completely new configuration awaits after the reconstruction of the track, which means you can safely expect a sensation.

    The grand finale of the 15th season of the Russian Drift Series will be the Super Cup “RDS GP vs RDS Europe”, which will be held for the first time as the Russian Cup on October 12-13. The top 16 drivers in the Grand Prix series standings and the top 16 drivers in the interregional championship RDS Europe will determine the strongest at Sochi Autodrom. In this competition, the tire width of cars will be limited to 235 mm to equalize the capabilities of the athletes.

    In 2023, we turned the intrigue to the maximum by determining the champion in the final race of the season, and also set a record for the number of spectators at the stages. In 2024, we will raise the bar even higher. Get ready for new configurations, new names and powerful races. Seven stages of the RDS GP will be held at the best racetracks in Russia, and the Super Cup on the renovated Sochi Autodrom track promises to be the battle of the decade. Dmitry Dobrovolsky head of the Russian Drift Series

    RDS GP 2024 season calendar:

    • April 27–28, Moscow Raceway (Moscow)
    • May 25–26, NRing (Nizhny Novgorod)
    • June 22–23, Igora Drive ( St. Petersburg)
    • July 13–14, location will be announced later (Moscow)
    • August 10–11, Moscow Raceway (Moscow)
    • September 7–8, Red Ring (Krasnoyarsk)
    • October 5–6, Sochi Autodrom ( FT “Sirius)

    About the sale of tickets for the stages of the RDS GP season -2024 will be announced additionally.

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