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    Masculinity and beauty: the style of Soviet movie stars

    MOSCOW, January 16, Yulia Zachetova. Stately, charismatic, talented – moviegoers have always admired them. What were the standards of male beauty and style – in the material .

    Courageous Vasily Lanovoi

    In 2021, People's Artist of the USSR Vasily Lanovoy shared first place with Russian President Vladimir Putin results of a VTsIOM survey about real men.

    Uniform suits men – everyone knows this. Lanovoy, who would have turned 90 today, has donned uniforms from different eras and styles during his film career: Tsarist Russia as Kuragin in War and Peace (1965) and Vronsky in Anna Karenina (1967), Soviet Russia as Ivan Barabbas in “Officers” (1971).

    Vladimir Vysotsky's signature jacket

    As a schoolboy, Vysotsky received the offensive nickname “American” in those days ” – for things brought from Germany. Choosing outfits himself, the young actor copied the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky: he wore wide shirts, scarves and neckerchiefs.

    Leather jacket, bell-bottom trousers – this is how fans remember Vladimir Semenovich. And also in a dark turtleneck or a shirt with the top button undone.

    Soviet viewers dreamed of a hat and a hard leather coat with lapels, like his Zheglov’s in the film “The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed” (1979).

    Esthete Andrey Mironov

    The artist dressed to the nines – his innate taste and sense of style never betrayed him. Not only fashionistas, but also fashionistas could envy the idol of millions.

    A special aesthetics is also visible in Mironov’s on-screen images. Semitsvetov in the film “Beware of the Car” (1966) even at the dacha flaunts a pendant on a gold chain and flip-flops. Kozodoev's blue Beatle turtleneck in “The Diamond Arm” (1968) belonged to the actor himself.

    The image from “The Diamond Arm” (except perhaps for the trousers that turn into shorts) Mironov transmitted to everyday life, the author of the telegram channel believes” Historian Mod “Anatol Vovk.

    "He was often seen wearing a simple badge with a dark jacket or a regular shirt. In this free style one could discern both freedom of thinking and observation. To look like this, you had to get rid of clichéd ideas and sometimes even express a slap in the face to public taste with clothes,” the expert notes.

    Oleg Yankovsky: suit and pipe

    Oleg Yankovsky: suit and pipe h3>The artist’s bewitching gaze drove the spectators crazy. The effect was cemented by bright roles and a dapper image off stage: suits, hats, branded pipe.

    "In most pictures we see him in well-fitted suits with ties or bow ties. Let's be honest, a suit can look different: both as an office option and as a stylish one. The second case is Yankovsky’s,” says Anatol Vovk.

    The quiet luxury of Alexander Abdulov

    In the role of Nikita in “Carnival” (1981), he embodied his usual on-screen image of a charming and rather dangerous heartthrob. And also a fashionista, whom people wanted to be like.

    His white suits in “The Sorcerers” (1982) – the epitome of chic – were also remembered for a long time.

    The actor looked stylish not only on the screen , but also in life.

    “Today the style of Mironov, Yankovsky and Abdulov would be called quiet luxury, or “quiet luxury.” It became widespread back in the 20th century and today, thanks to various TV series, it is on the wave of popularity. These are beautiful clothes in muted colors without flashy prints. It’s made of high-quality materials, there are no logos, no marker of value,” explains the fashion historian.

    If these artists lived in the era of social networks, they would probably become true influencers, Anatole is sure Vovk. The reason for this is the combination of bright appearance and sense of style.

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