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    Leg Day: what the SWM G05 Pro would look like on proportional wheels

    Another Chinese crossover suffering from too small wheels is the SWM G05 Pro, officially presented in Russia. Let's try to fix this.

    Previously, we presented the Lifan Myway, Haval F7/F7x and BAW Jishi 01 crossovers with proportional wheels, today we will look at the SWM brand, new to Russia. Its name stands for Speedy Working Motors. Originally, this company comes from Italy and was involved in the production of motorcycles from 1971 to 1984. And in 2014, the brand was bought by the Chinese company Shineray Group and in 2016, together with Brilliance, turned it into the automobile company SWM Motors. She claims that the design of the modern model range, consisting of inexpensive crossovers and crossvans, was developed in Italy.

    Render of G05 Pro with enlarged wheels 1/2 Standard G05 Pro 2/2

    The hero of today's publication is the G05 Pro SUV, which really looks quite good, one might even say “European”. However, he could not avoid a feature typical of many Chinese cars – too small wheels, lost against the background of a massive body. Our renderings show a car that, in addition to larger wheels (in the original, the crossover was equipped with 17-inch wheels, but on the renderings the wheels are about 19 inches) also received enlarged wheel arches.

    Render of G05 Pro with larger wheels 1/2 Standard G05 Pro 2/2

    Last spring, production of the Chinese crossover G05 Pro began at Avtotor in Kaliningrad. Along with it, two more models entered the production line – SWM G01 and its sports version G01F. The hero of this article is the largest of them – its length is 4750 mm, it can be either five-seater or seven-seater. The wheelbase of all three SUVs is the same (2750 mm), as is the technical part: the models are equipped with a 1.5 petrol turbo engine that produces 139 hp. and 212 Nm. The transmission is a 7-speed robotic gearbox with two clutches, exclusively front-wheel drive.

    Render of G05 Pro with larger wheels 1/2 Standard G05 Pro 2/2

    The minimum price of the G05 Pro model is 2,625,960 rubles for the five-seat version of Smart_1. The option with three rows of seats is estimated at a minimum of 2,733,460 rubles.

    Recall that we previously talked in detail about the features and configurations of the more compact SWM G01 and G01F crossovers. We also invite you to share your opinion in the comments about what other Chinese crossovers need to “pump up” their legs.

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