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    Hooligans who scalped a 19-year-old boy received 3.5 years in prison

    The victim is still undergoing treatment

    The punishment for the villains who scalped the 19-year-old boy was handed down on February 12 by the Elektrostal City Court of the Moscow Region. Meanwhile, doctors are still restoring the skin and hair on the victim’s head.

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    The incident occurred on July 10, 2023 in Elektrostal. That day, a native of Ufa, a sorter at a commercial warehouse, was drinking alcohol with his work colleague and neighbor in the hostel, a sorter (a man born in Dushanbe, the father of four children). At that moment, a high school student walked past them with a 19-year-old friend, who saw the men and asked for a cigarette. They responded by asking why the guy had green hair. A quarrel arose, and as a result, the drunken men decided to cut the stranger’s hair. The unfortunate man's scalp was cut off along with his hair. He has been undergoing treatment in the clinic for a long time. First, the patient had skin transplanted to the damaged areas of the head, and soon specialists will begin to restore the hair.

    The villains were detained, they were found guilty of causing harm to health of moderate severity, as well as hooliganism.

    As Elektrostal senior assistant prosecutor Mikhail Kovalev told MK, the court sentenced the men to 3 years 6 months of imprisonment to be served in a general regime correctional colony. The court also satisfied the civil claims of the victims for damages in the total amount of 750 thousand rubles. Of these, the victim will receive 650 thousand rubles, and his friend will receive 100 thousand rubles for moral suffering.

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