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    Toyota and Daihatsu resumed production of models that were at the center of a scandal due to tests

    Production of several Japanese cars was temporarily stopped at the end of last year due to identified problems with vehicle certification.

    The Toyota and Daihatsu brands are part of the Japanese Toyota Motor Corporation; last year they were involved in a scandal due to the fact that facts of data manipulation were revealed during the certification of cars for the domestic market. It is known that Japanese regulators found that during the certification of new models there were a total of 174 violations in 25 tests.

    On photo: Toyota Pixis Van

    It was previously reported that using illegal methods, company specialists were able to certify 64 models. At the same time, regulators and brand representatives did not disclose the details of the fraudulent schemes; it is only known that they affect safety and the environment (probably, we are talking about the level of harmful substances emitted into the atmosphere).

    At the same time, it became known that the Daihatsu Cast and Toyota Pixis Joy models did not pass the side crash tests, which are necessary for certifying cars on the domestic market. As a result, at the end of 2023, it was decided to temporarily stop the production of several models, the test results of which were in question.

    Now the press services of Toyota and Daihatsu have announced that the brands will resume production of the models that were at the center of the scandal. As a result, the Daihatsu Mira e:S, Hijet Truck, Hijet Cargo and Atrai, as well as the Toyota Pixis Epoch and Pixis Van, as well as the Subaru Pleo Plus (“twin” Mira e:S), Sambar Truck should return to production in the near future and Sambar (engineering badges Hijet Truck and Hijet Cargo, respectively).

    In the photo: Daihatsu Mira e:S

    The restart of production of the listed models will take place in two weeks, on February 26. The companies said that all the cars included in the “black list” passed all the necessary repeated checks, which is why they were allowed onto the production line and were able to return to the car market.

    Let us remind you that Toyota recently got into another scandal in the car market: at the end of last month it became known that a subsidiary of Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) committed a number of violations during certification tests of diesel engines of cars of brands that are part of the Japanese corporation. It is assumed that they could lead to inaccuracies when measuring engine power.

    In the photo: Subaru Sambar Truck

    The manufacturer announced on the temporary suspension of shipments of a number of vehicles. As reported earlier, the new “scandalous” list included: Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Toyota Land Cruiser 300, Toyota Hilux (both the version for the domestic market and the global version), Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Innova minivan sold in Asian countries , as well as Lexus LX 500d and commercial vehicles – Toyota Dyna/Hino Dutro and Toyota Hiace/GranAce.

    Despite all the problems that the Japanese corporation has faced, it has not maintained its position in the global car market lost. Earlier it became known that at the end of 2023, Toyota Motor became the world leader in the number of cars sold for the fourth year in a row: 11.23 million units were sold (7.2% more). The German concern Volkswagen is in second place in the global ranking, and the Korean group Hyundai Motor is in third place.

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