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    Security services monitor Channel migrants amid fears of extremism

    Robert Jenrick; “We simply cannot escape organized crime”; Photo: Paul Grover/The Telegraph

    British security services are tracking “numerous” Channel migrants as suspected “extremists” threatening serious harm in the UK, a former immigration minister has said.

    Robert Jenrick said , that there is a “clear link between those arriving illegally and serious crime”, and again called on Rishi Sunak to take more urgent and “robust” action to tackle illegal immigration.

    He revealed the threat. during a visit to the United States, where he spoke at the Heritage Foundation think tank and visited the Texas border to see the new security infrastructure created to counter the threat from migrants.

    Greg Abbott, State The Governor has deployed law enforcement officers to the border to help deal with a surge in migrants crossing the border from Mexico.

    Comparing the migrant crisis in the southern US to the thousands of migrants crossing the English Channel in small boats , Mr Jenrick said that “border security is national security.”

    Greg Abbott, the Texas governor, has taken a strong approach to tackling the migrant problem, Mr Jenrick said. Photo: Sergio Flores/Bloomberg

    He warned that politicians were squeamish about the reality of the security situation. risks from people arriving illegally.

    “We simply cannot escape the organized crime that is inextricably linked to illegal migration and jeopardizes the safety of our citizens and our communities. Many do not wish us any harm, but a significant minority have criminal records. Or they are set up for a criminal future,” he said.

    “There is already a clear link between illegal arrivals and serious crime, especially drug dealing. Our security services are also keeping an eye on scores of people, fearing they are extremists looking to cause serious harm.

    “As Immigration Minister, the grim reality of this situation has crossed my desk every day. Once you accept this fact, it forces governments to take the most decisive approach possible.”

    Counter-terrorism police acknowledged that individual terrorists could try to use small Channel boats to enter the UK, but security and identity checks on migrants made it unviable for organized terrorist groups on a wider scale.

    In 2022 Security officials have identified 19 suspected terrorists among those who arrived on small boats, but a figure for arrivals in 2023 has not yet been released.

    'Important issue' for voters

    Mr Jenrick said the small craft crisis needed to be addressed through a national security lens because migrants crossing the Channel could turn out to be terrorists.

    “This is about the safety of you, your neighbours, your families , and in the worst case we are talking about terrorism and extremism. And that is why you need to take the strongest possible action,” he said.

    He said the Prime Minister needed to act more urgently on the migration crisis.

    Asked whether he thought Mr Sunak had the resolve to deal with it, he told the event: “Well, I obviously didn't feel the government was moving in the right direction on this issue, otherwise I wouldn't have decided to leave it.” But I feel the Government understands how important this issue is to our constituents.

    “Taking action on this issue is incredibly important for the Conservative Party electorally. It is also the right thing to do, which is even more important.”

    Earlier this week he called for France to deploy Texas-style “tank blockades” in shallow waters. waters off the coast of northern France to stop smugglers from launching small boats into the sea. He also called for an extension to the ban on asylum seekers working in the UK to make the country less attractive to illegal migrants.

    “The fight against illegal migration requires you to be tough and fair. From Greece to Poland to Australia, countries that have overcome the crisis have acted decisively,” he said.

    “The progress Texas has made in recent weeks in reducing migrant flows can be attributed to a decisive approach. Governor Greg Abbott. In the UK, policy in Rwanda will only scare people away if we follow suit, take a strong response and implement it on a large scale.

    “This means that people should not be able to make claims that are confusing the courts and places of detention and suspend their prompt eviction.”

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