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    Munich impotence and drooping Zelensky: the West is ready to fight not only to the last Ukrainian

    But even until the last hectare of black soil was laid

    Too many words were said at the Munich conference for its results to be summed up by selecting a few sentences from them. Let's look at the cases. First thing: Zelensky wanted to hold a big conference on the peace formula in his name in March – it won’t happen. The “borders of 1991” are remembered only in Kyiv and Lithuania. Second point: after long, but ethereal, promises, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas proposed issuing Eurobonds worth 100 billion euros, the proceeds of which would be used for investment in the military industry. And these are not the ravings of a dwarf limitrophe. The project has already been supported by French President Emmanuel Macron and the head of the European Council Charles Michel.

    When faith in victory ends, so does the money. Prominent American Senator Lindsey Graham has finally voiced the approach of the upcoming Trump to help Ukraine – only on credit. “The Europeans made 33 of the 50 billion dollars they transfer to Ukraine as loans. Let's make it a loan. I spoke with Trump this week about turning aid to Ukraine into a loan. It was his idea, not mine,” Graham told reporters. Here's how it is.

    Europeans do not shout at every corner that two-thirds of the billions allocated for the “struggle for freedom” will then have to be given to the fighters. “Freedom on credit” is original. Moreover, the borrowed money will be spent on the production of military equipment in Europe, which means that Ukrainians will also not get taxes and jobs. And they will only get deadly blanks in exchange for the yet unsold black soil lands of Ukraine, which will have to be pledged.

    It would seem that just a couple of months ago Western politicians were proud of the formula they had found. Politicians tend to mumble and go around in circles, so I will quote journalist and editor-in-chief of The Economist Zanny Minton Beddoes: “To be honest, helping and funding Ukraine is the cheapest possible way for the United States to strengthen its security. That's for sure! Ukrainians fight, and they die. But the USA and Europe are only sending weapons. And this is how we fight back against Putin.” But appetite comes in times of trouble. Someone else's troubles, of course.

    Many Western journalists drew attention to Zelensky’s lost, simply murdered appearance in Munich. He, apparently, also could not understand what America was not happy with in the current formula. This is a common problem among political neophytes. They read newspapers and imagine that they are fighting for the liberation of humanity. And there are such fighters around that you have to hold your wallet with both hands. In Munich, Zelensky only asked, but did not scandalize. He said that he really hopes for the American 60 billion. “We are counting on the United States as our strategic partner. If we talk about an alternative (that money will not be allocated – “MK”), this means that this is not our strategic partner.” Afterwards, Kamala Harris held a joint press conference and patted him on the shoulder. Where are you going guy? Who else needs you.

    “There is no money, but you fight” is a dubious signal for Kyiv. Moreover, it may turn out that when there is money, there will be no one left to fight. The head of the EU diplomatic service, Josep Borrell, said in the same Munich that the situation on the battlefield in Ukraine “will be resolved in three months.” And few people would dare to call Borrell “Putin’s useful idiot.” The Institute of World Economics in Kiel (IfW) has just calculated that the entire world has transferred 244.88 billion euros to Ukraine since the beginning of the war. Of these, 124.78 billion went for financial support, 104.26 billion for military needs, 15.84 billion for humanitarian purposes. Invest another 110 billion in this hopeless cause? And even if two-thirds of this amount is borrowed, who can guarantee that the pledged black soils will remain in the territory controlled by Kyiv.

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