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    Avdiivka defeat: Russia has reached a turning point not only at the front

    Two most important events

    The turning point. We have reached a turning point. Into a new chapter of the history textbook, which is being written right now not with ink, but with Russian life itself. Two years of SVO in Ukraine and inside Russia created so many changes that quantity turned into quality. But I would like to focus on two events.

    Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

    Spring suddenly arrived in Makeyevka that week. Plus twelve. The birds, they told me they were turtle doves, were noisily busy in the trees. It probably needed rain, a thunderstorm. But the explosions, constantly, day and night, coming from the direction of Avdeevka, did not at all resemble thunder. “Ours cover well. Now the FAB has arrived,” said the wounded soldiers, who just a day ago stormed the enemy’s strongholds near Koksokhim. On these clear days, the pipes of Avdeevka Koksohim became visible from the road leading from Makeevka through Yasinovataya to Gorlovka.

    And we in Makeevka did not know that Ukrainian troops were already fleeing Avdeevka. Unable to withstand the concentrated fire strike of the Russian army and the incessant assaults. That they received the order to leave their positions after they had fled. That the Ukrainian military, abandoned by the command, surrenders, rejoicing that they remained alive in the fiery hell.

    When “Wagner” took Bakhmut, the Ukrainian Armed Forces did not run, but fought for every meter, entrance, floor. Then the city was not bombarded with shells and bombs, and the enemy did not feel our total superiority. It’s hard to talk about the price at which Bakhmut was taken. But since then changes have accumulated. Our army has changed and its military art has grown immeasurably. So much so that in the collision with him, something broke in the ranks of the enemy. It broke so much that he ran away. This was no longer a well-planned retreat to more advantageous positions prepared in advance. It was a defeat.

    Yes, I repeat, the liberation of Avdeevka was no longer just an assault, but a defeat. This was a turning point battle. Not in the sense that now the wave of our army will roll to the Polish border. No, there are difficult months ahead and, possibly, failures and losses. But the faith in the possibility of confronting Russia, in the possibility of at least something that can be passed off as victory, has been knocked out of Ukrainian soldiers, their commanders and their masters in the West. This happened to the Wehrmacht after the Battle of Kursk. And just like now, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have lost the initiative and are forced to go on strategic defense.

    The second event is the death of Navalny. Oddly enough, his stay in prison benefited the liberal opposition. It was necessary to correspond to the “suffering leader”, to somehow maintain the brand, to consolidate. People will ask. And now that’s it, you can breathe out a sigh of relief. There is no one to live up to, you can live high, habitually become morally corrupt and start squabbling over grants and donations. The attempts to mold the widow into a new leader, which the Western media hastily took up, look ridiculous. It’s a pathetic sight when, under a “program” video, the spouses of the deceased draw twice as many likes as there are views of this very video. For two years, day after day, liberals tore off their masks, exposed themselves, and no longer hesitated to emanate poison not towards Putin, but towards their true hated goal – the Russian people. And now the dried glue that somehow held them together is gone.

    And this is also a turning point, when instead of the “opposition”, but in fact just internal enemies, a constructive, pro-Russian opposition may well grow. Just with a different view of the socio-economic structure. It is needed, there will be no progress without it. Moreover, the events of two years of the Northern Military District and the economic measures forcedly taken by the state showed the inability of our current form of capitalism to meet the challenges. By the way, in the West, the purely capitalist system was unable to rebuild the defense complex in time.

    If you want more examples, you can easily find them yourself. Well, off the top of my head, look at Kirkorov. I went to Donbass for the first time and at least looked like a human being. Why haven't you gone before? And remember, please, the state information policy for eight years. How much attention was paid in the “box” to Donbass and the suffering of our people? That's it. Exactly because the authorities did not want to stir up the issue, hoping for a Minsk settlement. Is it any wonder now that for many, and even more so for “creative personalities” divorced from reality, Donbass became a discovery.

    But it’s interesting what future historians will call these days. I hope we'll read it ourselves.

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