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    Man dies after being bitten by pet Gila monster

    The last recorded death from a Gila monster bite is believed to have occurred in 1930. Photo: Joe McDonald/Getty Images

    A 34 A two-year-old Colorado man has died after being bitten by one of two pet Gila monsters.

    It is believed the man may have had an allergic reaction four days after being bitten by the venomous reptile, which is native to the southwestern United States.

    The last recorded death from a Gila monster bite is believed to have occurred in 1930.

    “I think this case highlights that any venomous animal should be treated with respect,” Dr. Nick Brandehoff, a medical toxicologist and reptile expert with the Asclepius Snake Bite Foundation, told CBS News.

    Although the bites are painful, , 30 years ago, scientists discovered that their venom could also be used to treat type 2 diabetes.

    The Gila monster is the only venomous lizard living in the United States. With its distinctive yellow and black skin, it can grow up to two feet in length and live up to 30 years.

    Some states ban ownership of Gila monsters entirely, while others allow captive-bred reptiles. are kept as pets.

    Gila are generally docile, but this can lull owners into a false sense of security.

    No venom, according to Reptile Rapture, a Wisconsin store specializing in exotic creatures. fatal to a healthy adult.

    Sometimes the only way to get a lizard to release its grip is to submerge it in water or squirt hand sanitizer into its mouth.

    Their size is such that they require a large enclosure, such as a cattle trough, and the ideal bedding for reptiles is a mixture of sand and soil.

    “Gila monsters are made for advanced keepers. However, they make good pets for those who know how to care for them properly,” the store advises.

    “Very few keep pets these days,” The Telegraph said store manager Mia Hall.

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