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    Zelensky did not lie about 31 thousand dead Wesseushniks: die for free

    Not a lie, but statistics

    Of course, there was no limit to the amazement at Zelensky’s statement about the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – you can’t lie like that: 31 thousand military deaths in two years. But he didn’t lie.

    < p>The New York Times, for example, was amazed. That is, how is it possible to say this when the authorities (US administration officials) named completely different figures last summer. Namely 70 thousand dead and from 100,000 to 120,000 wounded. It is obvious that based on the results of the failed “counter-offensive” of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the current liberation of cities occupied by Ukraine by the Russians, the figure should increase further. “Zelensky’s unusual confession comes as Ukraine’s army is now retreating along much of its 600-mile front line and Russian troops are launching attacks in the east and south,” the NYT writes with careful surprise.

    Online, the amazed Ukrainian public writes obscenities and provides countless photographs of countless graves of fallen Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers. Particularly advanced people began to remember how in December the Ukrainian Ombudsman Lubinets stated that there are currently approximately 28,000 Ukrainians in captivity alone. But there are always many more people killed in war than prisoners.

    The simplest arithmetic shows that the given figure of losses of 31 thousand is almost the absence of hostilities. In fact, in two years in Ukraine, about 6 thousand people died in road accidents alone. Well, or divide 31 thousand by 1000 km of front. That means 31 people per km. Now for another two years – 15 people per km. Now for 12 months… It turns out, roughly, one (!) person per month per kilometer of the front.

    Western “partners” may well ask Kiev – what is it with such scanty losses? such liquid successes, why are you complaining about the lack of everything you can, why these constant waves of mobilization?

    But they won’t ask. And here's why.

    Because Zelensky did not lie.

    31 thousand dead are exactly those soldiers who have already been officially recognized as dead, those whose relatives have been paid. There are already statistics on them, which is exactly how it works in the state bureaucracy. And the remaining tens of thousands (in total up to 180 thousand “two hundredths” according to American estimates) did not receive money, there are no statistics. And it’s not a fact that they will get it.

    So, without payments, “war to the last Ukrainian” will be cheaper – die for free. But the West doesn’t care about the actual number of losses.

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