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    Kimera EVO38: all-wheel drive restomod based on the rally legend Lancia 037

    The Italian company Kimera Automobili presented at the Geneva Motor Show a new, all-wheel drive version of its restomod based on the Lancia Beta Montecarlo and plans to release it in an edition of 38 copies.

    The original Lancia 037 was the last rear-wheel drive car to win the constructors' championship in the World Rally Championship in 1983, after which all-wheel drive cars began to dominate rallying. The Kimera Automobili company, which grew out of the Kimera Motorsport racing team, presented in 2021 the Kimera EVO37 restomod based on the Lancia Beta Montecarlo road model, which reproduced the technical concept and aesthetics of the Lancia 037 at a modern level. Specialists from Martini Racing were involved in the development of the Kimera EVO37 – so in the 1980s was the name of the Lancia factory rally team.

    Kimera EVO38 and racing Lancia 037

    The EVO37 has received excellent reviews from luxury car enthusiasts and now Kimera is developing what has proven to be a very successful new business line. The Kimera EVO38 restomod shows what a Lancia 037 with all-wheel drive might have looked like during the heyday of rally Group B. It turned out to be a kind of alternative history, because in real life the Lancia team did not add all-wheel drive to the 037 after the 1983 season, but switched to more the Delta S4 project seemed promising, as it seemed to her.

    Kimera EVO38 and racing Lancia Delta S4

    Kimera EVO38 is a kind of synthesis of the Lancia 037 and Lancia Delta S4 concepts, from both rally legends restomod took all the best and added modern engineering and modern materials to it. At the heart of the restomod is still the skeleton of the Lancia Beta Montecarlo, around which, in fact, a new car is built. />

    The composite body of the EVO38 has been noticeably redesigned compared to the EVO37: the air ducts in the front bumper have been enlarged, the rear bumper has received a more developed diffuser, instead of four exhaust pipes there is now one central one, the rear fenders have become plumper, the design of the engine cover has been changed – it now has more ventilation holes.< br />

    1/2 2/2

    The EVO38, like the EVO37, is equipped with a four-cylinder Italtecnica petrol engine mounted longitudinally in front of the rear axle with a displacement of 2150 cc and combined supercharging (turbocharger plus Roots-type drive supercharger), but its maximum output is increased to 600 hp. and 580 Nm. The gearbox is a classic 6-speed manual; in the future, it will be possible to choose a racing sequential instead. The all-wheel drive system, judging by the description on the Kimera website, is differential, with electro-hydraulic center locking.

    The EVO38's adjustable all-round double wishbone racing suspension has been retuned to accommodate all-wheel drive and a different weight distribution. The wider use of carbon fiber and titanium in the body structure made it possible to keep the curb weight of the sports car within 1100 kg. The interior is promised to have improved ergonomics compared to the EVO37, but photos of it have not yet been published.

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    If the Kimera EVO37 cost about half a million euros, then the EVO38 will be clearly more expensive – perhaps under a million euros, the price has not yet been made public, but there is no doubt that all 38 copies of the all-wheel drive restomod planned for release will be quickly sold out (if not already sold out) .

    Kimera K-39

    Meanwhile, next summer Kimera promises to present the third evolution of its sports car – the K-39 project, with which Kimera intends to return to motorsport. In the model of the K-39, the profile of the EVO37/EVO38 is easily discernible, but the body of the K-39 has a much more developed aerodynamic tail and, we believe, a lot of technical changes inside.

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