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    Skates to AC/DC and MakSim: Trusova is again the star of the Tutberidze team

    When the words “Trusova” and “new programs” appeared side by side in the information space, fan hearts began to beat. two times faster. The most desperate fans might even think that these are competitive programs and, accordingly, a possible resumption of Sasha’s career – now is the off-season time for new productions.

    But for now we are talking about participation in the show. After a long break, Trusova performs on the tour of the Eteri Tutberidze group. The hatchet is buried, the thread of cooperation is tied with a beautiful bow – two years after the 2022 Olympics, there seems to be nothing left for the student and the former coach to share. Nothing but ice and audience love – yet they left a deep mutual mark on each other’s fate.

    As planned, the new show programs turned out to be canonically different – the lyrical girlish sadness of “Letting Go” by singer Maxim and the daring hard rock composition Thunderstruck by AC/DC. On the one hand, a delicate blue dress, on the other, black leather trousers and jacket, a high ponytail and grunge makeup.

    Sasha said that different directors worked on the programs. “Letting Go” was directed by Nikita Mikhailov, AC/DC was taken on by Tutberidze and Daniil Gleikhengauz.

    Under the first riffs of the song Thunderstruck, Sasha burst onto the ice like a wild cat stuck in a cramped cage. The music is specific, heavy and at the same time fast, very unusual for the ear of a figure skating fan. At the same time, few skaters can present it correctly. It requires a certain temperament, an internal charge of energy, a constantly burning fire. Trusova has it all, and her fiery-colored hair only enhances the impression of fire bursting out.

    Choreographically, the mood of the music is played out with rebellious posing, low carriages, and a signature cantilever, which, coupled with a black leather suit, looks like a stuntman’s trick on a motorcycle. Not without the rocker “goat” – as straightforward as it is ironic. The program has the potential for growth – as Sasha gets into shape and gets into shape, she will increase her power and speed.

    Translated, the name Thunderstruck means “stunned, struck by thunder,” so in a sense it can be considered Trusova’s unofficial anthem. Spectators have always experienced feelings such as stupefaction, shock and the feeling of being struck by lightning from what Sasha does on the ice.

    br>We learned in the Appassionata program in 2020 that Trusova can also write lyrics. Since then, she has performed several more lyrical programs. And yet, the new one in this series stands out strongly for its “girliness”, if this word correctly describes the vulnerability, subtlety, dreaminess and even some kind of sacrifice inherent in the lyrics of MakSim’s song.

    Previously, Sasha and her directors seemed to be trying to escape from pauses in movement, to fill them with anything, even with unnecessary fuss. This time Nikita Mikhailov found a way to show that Sasha had acquired artistic depth. The same depth that allows you not to be afraid of pauses and make them meaningful.

    Particular attention was paid to the plasticity of the hands – they turned out to be expressive, neat, meaningful and greatly influenced the perception of the program as a whole.

    Which Trusova do you prefer: a dangerous rock star or a lyrical heroine? Fortunately, there is no need to choose – throughout the spring we can enjoy Sasha in both images.

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