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    Three thousand injuries and no blood: seven amazing facts about Jackie Chan

    MOSCOW, April 8, Pavel Surkov. He turned 70, and it’s completely unbelievable. The self-ironic hero of the big screen and fearless stuntman still maintains optimism, love of life and demonstrates incredible ability to work. But the actor’s fate cannot be called easy: there are many surprising and very dangerous moments in his biography. Seven interesting facts about the master of martial arts – in the material .

    Son of a Spy

    One of the most unexpected myths about Chan, which, however, he himself spreads, is that his father was a spy, and everyone in the household had to change their name at some point. So at birth our hero was Fong Xi Lung, then became Zheng Gangshen (literally “born in Hong Kong”). Well, Jackie Chan is a creative pseudonym.

    But there are also some amazing non-fictional facts. For example, his mother carried him not for nine, but for 12 months. The baby did not want to be born. I had to perform a caesarean section, and a hero weighing almost 5.5 kilograms was born. Who would have believed that then he would become light, quick and short!

    Tricks and plastic surgery

    As you know, Chan performs most of his stunts himself. He received almost three thousand injuries and, as the actor himself says, “everything in me that could be broken was broken at least once.” However, sometimes this gives an unexpected result.

    So, due to an injury on the set of the film “Drunken Master,” Jackie underwent plastic surgery and was forced to increase the size of her eyes.

    Good guy

    The actor fundamentally refuses to play villain roles in action films. At the beginning of his career, he played “bad guys” a couple of times, but, having achieved popularity, he no longer agreed to negative characters. Only positive ones – and so that there is enough humor in the script.

    Musical hero

    Jackie Chan is wonderful sings, recorded several records and regularly gives concerts, attracting full houses. Most of all he likes to perform songs in English. “This allows you to practice your language,” explains the artist. He also plays the piano and guitar and sometimes even composes music.

    Restless Tarantino

    In May 1995, Jackie was awarded the MTV Award for Achievement in World Cinema. But he might not have been at this ceremony if not for Quentin Tarantino. The director was offered to act as host, and he put forward two indispensable conditions: the award for creative contribution to cinema would be awarded to Chan, and the award would be presented to him by Tarantino himself.

    Batyanya-battalion commander

    < br />
    Chan has his own team of stuntmen, which he personally selects and supervises. If someone gets injured, the actor pays for treatment out of his own pocket. Well, after such an “internship” with a world-class star, many of his associates themselves take up staging stunts in films.

    Well done father

    Chan has two children – a son and a daughter. True, the daughter was born out of wedlock. Jackie recognized the girl as his own, but did not really participate in her upbringing. Compensating for this in a noble way – by helping orphans. The artist even adopted ten of them and takes care of them, plans to give them an excellent education and generally give them all the love that a father is capable of.

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