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    Labor Party says it is 'preferable' to recognize Palestine as a state

    David Lammy says “recognition is part of a two-state process”; Photo: Martin Wheatley/i-Images

    Labour said it would work to recognize Palestine as a state if it came to power, after Spain, Ireland and Norway announced decisions to change its diplomatic status.

    David Lammy, the shadow foreign secretary, said it would be “preferable” if British recognition were part of a two-state solution bringing peace to the Middle East.

    “I think it’s important or is it preferable that recognition is part of a two-state process, and that is why I am emphasizing a two-state solution,” he said at Chatham House in London.

    Mr. Lammy also accused some Israeli politicians of pursuing a two-state solution. “stateless solution” to the conflict.

    “I was quite prepared to disagree with the position of some politicians in Israel that there could be a one-state solution, or in fact I think that a stateless solution is preferable ” he said.

    < p>The shadow foreign secretary made the statement after Israel recalled its ambassadors to three European countries, saying they had rewarded Hamas for the “biggest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust.”

    Lord Cameron, the foreign secretary, faced a backlash from some Tory MPs earlier this year after he suggested Britain could speed up recognition of Palestine during negotiations for a final peace deal rather than at the end of it.

    The government has been asked to comment.

    The movement is largely symbolic

    Ireland, Spain and Norway announced they would recognize Palestine to strengthen the case for a two-state solution that was needed to bring peace to the region. Other EU countries have indicated they may follow suit later.

    The move is largely symbolic as the three countries do not have strong ties, but it is likely to further isolate Israel and further divide the West.

    Hamas welcomed the move, calling it a “turning point.” “.

    Israel Katz, Israel's foreign minister, said: “Ireland and Norway intend to send a message today to the Palestinians and the world: terrorism pays.”

    Israel has been fighting a brutal war in Gaza since the Iranian-backed outbreak on October 7 Hamas launched terrorist attacks that killed at least 1,139 people and took hundreds of hostages.

    It threatened to recall its ambassador to Spain if Madrid went ahead with its plans, which it later did.Mr. Katz said Palestinian recognition would make it difficult to return hostages held in the Gaza Strip. He added that this would reduce the likelihood of a ceasefire, “rewarding the jihadists of Hamas and Iran.”

    'The right thing to do'

    All three countries will officially recognize Palestine on May 28, following an announcement that came after the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for war crimes against Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel.

    EU members Ireland and Spain announced their decision. would recognize Palestine on Wednesday morning. Both have been among the EU's fiercest critics of Israel's response.

    In Dublin, Simon Harris, the Irish prime minister, said: “We recognize the state of Palestine,” and added that the move had powerful symbolic meaning .

    He said the recognition was “the right thing to do” and was a signal of support for the two-state solution.

    He added that Gazans were enduring “the most appalling hardship and suffering.”< /p>

    Mr Harris said Hamas had “nothing to offer” and insisted that Israel had a right to exist and that recognizing Palestine was not an act against it. .

    In Madrid, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez presented the proposal to the Spanish Parliament on Wednesday morning.

    Pedro Sánchez put forward the proposal to the Spanish parliament on Wednesday. Photo: Violeta Santos Moura/REUTERS

    Jonas Gahr Støre, Prime Minister of Norway, said: “There can be no peace in the Middle East unless there is recognition.”< /p>

    He said Norway, which is not an EU country but is closely linked to the bloc, would officially recognize a Palestinian state on May 28.

    “The terror was carried out by Hamas and militant groups that are not supporters of the two-state solution and the State of Israel,” said the leader of the Norwegian government.

    “Palestine has a fundamental right to an independent state,” he added.

    Slovenia and Belgium are also reportedly considering recognizing Palestine as part of an initiative launched by Dublin and Madrid, but are unlikely to make a statement on Wednesday.

    Frenchman Emmanuel Macron said the idea was not a “taboo” for Paris , but did not take any concrete steps to join the alliance of countries.

    But on Tuesday the Elysee Council said that now is not the time.

    Joe Biden said that a Palestinian state must be created through negotiations with Israel, rather than unilateral recognition by other countries.

    A White House National Security Council spokesman said: “The President is a strong supporter of a two-state solution, and has been throughout his career.

    “He believes that a Palestinian state should be created through direct negotiations between the parties.” , and not through unilateral recognition.”

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