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    Gazprombank was awarded six nominations for the FINAWARD 2024 financial award

    Gazprombank received six awards from the FINAWARD 2024 financial award.

    The award is being held for the fourteenth year in a row, it traditionally recognizes projects and achievements of Russian banks and financial companies in the field innovations in the financial industry. Among the competitive nominations were implementations and solutions in business processes and client services, in Open API, in the field of IT, financial and investment products, in corporate culture.

    Achievements were noted at the awards Gazprombank in all areas of work. Thus, the bank took two awards for IT solutions. In the “IT Infrastructure Project” category, Gazprombank received an award for creating a trusted electronic payment platform. The G2 technology platform project, with which you can develop client applications and services, was also awarded.

    In addition to IT solutions, Gazprombank’s client services were also awarded the award. Thus, the bank was awarded for expanding and launching special offers in new channels for opening savings products.

    In the “Debit card for every day” nomination, the Gazprombank debit card in the “Universal” service package based on Mir/UnionPay payment systems with free service, transfers, cash withdrawals, offers from partners and other opportunities.

    Gazprombank Leasing service won an award for its contribution to the development of the leasing market in Russia .

    In addition, Gazprombank received a separate nomination for the effective development of an HR brand for a systematic approach to working with youth and novice specialists.

    Gazprombank regularly wins prestigious financial awards for its innovative solutions, products and customer services. All this allows the bank to remain one of the leading players in the Russian financial market. You can learn more about Gazprombank's offers on the bank's website.

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