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    A hot air balloon and a drone were shot down in the Moscow region and it fell on a house

    MoD: the air defense system shot down a small-size balloon of the Ukrainian Armed Forces over the Moscow region

    The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the destruction of a small-sized balloon in the Moscow region on the evening of May 27.

    At the same time, the governor of the Moscow region, Andrei Vorobyov, announced that in in the Kuchino microdistrict in Balashikha, an air defense system shot down a UAV.

    “The debris fell on a private house,” said Vorobyov. “The people who were in the house managed to evacuate, no one was hurt.”

    By According to him, local authorities will help with the restoration of the house. Vorobiev also called on local residents to remain calm.

    Earlier it became known that passenger planes had changed takeoff and landing courses at Moscow airports.

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