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    10 Most Outrageous Moments From The Jerry Springer Show

    Typical harrowing scene from The Jerry Springer Show Posted by Getty 3 a.m.: Jerry Springer, host of The Jerry Springer Show and trusted provider of the internet's funniest content, has died at age 79.

    Springer trained as a lawyer and even briefly served a year as Mayor of Cincinnati in the late 1970s. But he was best known as the host of the eponymous talk show, which aired for 17 years, from 1991 to 2008. Long a favorite of Stoner video collections, it was a snapshot of a more innocent – or perhaps less politically correct – era. . An era when men were men, women were “exposed” as men (live on television), and the cutest hillbilly in the world could demonstrate his “kung fu” skills to shirtless spectators. Ah, zero. Gone but not forgotten.

    So, without further ado, here are Jerry Springer's most outrageous moments.

    1. Village kung fu

    David lives in a trailer. David has an accent straight out of Deliverance. David knows kung fu. Like, like, something like.

    One of Springer's most famous guests, David, came on the show to make a common complaint: his roommate, Lil Wayne – no, not a multi-millionaire rapper (that would be too weird even for Springer) – was causing him grief. David's solution? Learn martial arts. The problem, however, was a notable lack of high-quality dojo trailers in his fleet of trailers, so he took the logical path and profited off watching old videos of Bruce Lee and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

    Did this new training regimen work? Well, you'll have to watch a clip of David fighting Lil Wayne live to find out.

    2. Stripper Surprise

    Never say Springer didn't keep the style. In that infamous wheeze, he got a confession of adultery from a guest who confessed to his girlfriend that he had slept with a stripper.

    She doesn't take it easy and continues to hit her rat lover on the head. Then, when Nero's impulse unleashed another pack of lions on the Christians, Springer reveals his trump card: the aforementioned erotic dancer is backstage – what are the chances! – and has nit-picking with a girlfriend. As usual, it comes down to a fight. But not before the stripper flaunted herself and swung on a conveniently placed pole inexplicably brought in by the prop crew—a coincidence, I know.

    3. Mass brawl episode

    Ku Klux Klan. Jewish Defense League. Civilized airing views with Springer as “moderator”. What can go wrong?

    You can't blame Springer for being optimistic: he invited the far-right Jewish Defense League, a number of whose members were involved in political assassinations, especially against neo-Nazis, to the show to talk to the clan in the hope that they could come to an agreement. their differences. Instead, the clash leads to a climactic battle as one of the clan members reveals he is wearing a kippah under his hood. (Yes, they are in full costume – how else can you tell the difference?)

    They were beaten. Chairs are used as weapons. The cause of racial tolerance is brought forward for a new generation.

    4. 100 year old man who lived in a box

    By the early 2000s, Springer was used to routine. Tired of organizing pitched battles, he switched to benevolent agony mode, helping the eccentric and the perverted find their place in the hustle and bustle of the modern world. Part of Richard Madeley, part of Louis Theroux.

    One of these souls was the star of the 2001 show. Simply put: he was a man. Who carried a cardboard box. And he refused to take it off. Never.

    Springer, looking like a cross between an Old Testament prophet and an extra from Brian's life, had to convince his wife to take him back. It was a somewhat risky proposition, since he was a man… who lived in a cardboard box. It became especially annoying when the man settled on the set of Springer and refused to leave until his family troubles were resolved. As far as we know, he may still be there.

    5. Gay proposal

    Springer's show wasn't all about fights, tears, and—ahem—questionable politics. In fact, there were also moments of brightness and joy. Perhaps one of the most touching was Judah, the flamboyant man who sneaked onto the set wearing a giant blond wig that looked like a lion's mane.

    Judah then began to serenade his boyfriend, who was sitting center stage and increasingly reminiscent of James Bond being interrogated by Le Chiffre. Judah's rap – a sample of the lyrics: “ba-ba-ba, baby, you know that I love you” – ended with a marriage proposal with a ring theatrically knocked out of his pants. Touchingly, but confused boyfriend agreed. Oh, Jerry: matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a matchmaker!

    6. Stripper Surprise – Abbreviation

    In Jerry Springer's world, there was no room for nuanced gender roles. Men mostly lied, deceiving scumbags. The women, meanwhile, lied to the strippers. He had a moral vision of equal opportunity.

    In one infamous episode, a stripper reveals that she slept with her sister's boyfriend. However, things turn surreal when the offended sister reveals that this is a repeat violation: “But this is the third time!” Suffice it to say that the rat boyfriend is unceremoniously dumped and the sisters get into a fight. This culminates in one plucking a tuft of blond hair from the other's head, and Springer is left holding the yellow tuft like an Apache with his prey. happier times.

    7. Dental business

    Springer and his audience loved nothing better than a gladiator fight between women. Especially if those women happen to be prostitutes or dancers (see the previous entry – and, well, 70 percent of Jerry Springer).

    In that respect, this particular incident was typical of Springer. One guest runs into her adulterous partner, who gleefully admits to having slept with sex workers for the past decade. He's a nasty guy. But in terms of viciousness, he is matched by another guest who jumps around the stage, posing as one of these sex workers. She continues to taunt her wife before – oh, what are the chances! – got into a fistfight with her.

    This undignified fuss continues until the sex worker's false teeth fall to the floor. Springer inspects fallen dentures with the air of an archaeologist discovering a new fossil (or perhaps wondering where his budding legal career has gone) before tossing them into a glass of water to continue dismantling. Always a gentleman.

    8. Life, death and a buzz saw

    It goes without saying that times have passed since Jerry Springer was in his splendor. Today, fortunately, transgender, mentally ill, or disabled people tend to get a little more kindness on daytime TV. (Well, at least sometimes.)

    Not so with this guest from the mid-90s. Sandra's legs were amputated to the knee. While she was in a wheelchair, Springer asked her how it happened. She was frank: the voices in her head told her to take a circular saw and cut off her legs. The crowd finds this self-amputation amusing. And Springer can barely hide a smirk – is she done? Maybe a hand?

    Sandra sets off towards an unknown fate. The Springer Bookers pat themselves on the back.

    9. Life, death and a set of garden shears

    “He haunted me for years, and I could not get rid of him. And there was no alternative – I mean, if there is none, he doesn't want me…” Earl said when he was brought on the show to explain his decision to cut off his manhood with a pair of garden shears. to make his pursuer lose interest.

    Neat, tidy, and eerily calm, Earl didn't look like the kind of person who calls so flippantly. But in keeping with tradition, Springer did not check his reasoning too carefully. And yet, perhaps the worst part of Earl's gambit was that it didn't work. Apparently, his pursuer was just as enthusiastic. Okay, back to the drawing board.

    10. Honey, I married a horse

    Meet Mark. Mark lived with his wife for 10 years. They have a normal, healthy relationship, but Mark has problems with his neighbors. They don't get along with his wife. This is because Mark's wife is a horse.

    In later years, Springer claimed he knew nothing about his guests prior to filming. So his surprise when Mark's clip-clapping fiancée appeared in front of the cameras seems to be genuine.

    Still, while humanity has showered horses with many humiliations for centuries – making them consuls, mathematicians, and beasts of burden – Jerry Springer's appearance takes a carrot. After watching the clip today, the answer is the same: poor horse.

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