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    James Cracknell enters race for Henley's seat

    James Cracknell says he will focus on “lack of affordable housing, job opportunities in the city and rail line” if elected. it's still not electricity' Photo: Rhee Schroer

    James Cracknell entered the race for the Conservative Party candidacy for Henley in the next general election as he said the city had a 'special place' in his heart.

    The two-time Olympian is a member Leander Rowing Club in Henley-on-Thames and has been rowing there since he was 18.

    Senior Conservative sources told The Sunday Telegraph that the athlete was “seeking to get involved in politics” and could be helped in his constituency. “rowing experience”.

    John Howell, the incumbent MP for Henley, has announced that he is withdrawing from the next election due to his age and leaving more than 14,000 votes to another Conservative candidate for protection.

    Previously it was assumed that this was not the case . that Boris Johnson, who was an MP for the constituency between 2001 and 2008, will return to his seat in a “chicken flight” from his marginal constituency of Uxbridge and South Ruislip in West London.

    Boris Johnson rows James Cracknell on a rowing machine. Johnson was expected to return to his seat at Henley. Photo: Eddie Mulholland

    The move was ruled out by Rishi Sunak and it is clear that the Conservative Party will not allow him to run in the next election.


    Mr Cracknell told The Sunday Telegraph that Henley would represent “a humiliating honor” and that he would seek selection from local members.

    “I rowed there since I was 18, bought my first house in the city and had my first child while living there,” he said.

    “So many of my best personal and professional memories are from working at Henley.

    “The city and local people have always supported and protected their rowers.”

    If selected and elected in the next election he said he would focus on the “problems” in the area, including the “lack of affordable housing, employment opportunities in the city, and the rail line, which is still not electrified.”

    “For me, it would be honored to be the Conservative candidate anywhere, but Henley holds a special place in my heart,” he said.

    District elections have begun

    District elections have already begun ahead of the next general election, with local members voting for their preferred candidate.

    Many Conservative MPs have changed seats or been forced to fight their electoral neighbors constituency for re-election due to boundary changes reflecting recent UK population settlement.


    Cracknell, 50, won gold at the 2000 and 2004 Olympics in Sydney and Athens respectively in a coxless four with Steve Redgrave, Tim Foster and Matthew Pinsent.

    James Cracknell (left) with Steve Redgrave, Tim Foster and Matthew Pinsent at the 2000 Olympics who won gold. events around the world, including Atlantic Crossing and the 2019 Oxford/Cambridge Boat Race.

    He also became a supporter of bicycle helmets after being knocked off his bike and suffering a brain injury in 2010.

    The next general election will not be Mr. Cracknell's first political experience since the failed Conservative bid . candidate in the South West England European Parliament constituency in 2013.

    At the time, he said he would bring a “fresh eye” to Parliament and noted that the European Union's actions would affect his children and grandchildren.

    If he succeeds in becoming an MP, he will join the list of 30 parliamentarians who participated in the Olympic Games.

    Most of those who participated in the competition sat in the House of Lords, including life peers , who have been awarded for their sporting honours.

    Among the best-known figures is Lord Campbell, the former leader of the Liberal Democrats who played for the Great Britain national team in the 2000s. meters and the 4×100 meters relay at the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

    Lord Kou, who won gold at the 1980 and 1984 Games, is the president of World Athletics.

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