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    Toyota showed a powerful Tundra pickup, a sports version of the Tacoma and a retro FJ Bruiser truck

    The “live” premiere of these and other new products from the Japanese brand took place as part of the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) exhibition that opened its doors in Las Vegas.

    Toyota has prepared several new products for the SEMA exhibition, which traditionally takes place in the fall in the USA. One of them was the full-size Tundra pickup truck intended for the American market, which received a new TRD Performance package: it gave the car not only other decorative details, but also an increase in power.

    In the photo: Toyota Tundra TRD Performance

    The TRD Performance package adds an additional 32.5 hp. to the performance of the available engines in the Japanese brand’s truck line – both the base i-Force V6 and the top-end i-Force Max. As a result, the Tundra's power in simpler versions will be equal to 427 hp. (for standard Tundra the figure is 394 hp), and richer versions will receive a 475-horsepower engine (for options without a package – 443 hp).

    Toyota explained that the opportunity to increase the efficiency of Tundra engines appeared after a modification that increased air flow to the turbochargers. The company also said that the developers have optimized the calibration of the engine control system. Pickups with the TRD Performance package also have different throttle and exhaust settings, which contribute to a different engine sound.

    1/3 2/3 3/3

    Visually, Toyota Tundra TRD Performance can be distinguished by a nameplate with the name of the version located on the rear side, and the exhaust pipe also received a corresponding engraving. The company has already indicated the cost of the package – for additional power and other settings the company will ask for 3.4 thousand dollars. Let us remember that at the end of last summer it became known that the Tundra was updated to the 2024 model year and received a darkened version of Nightshade.

    Pictured: Toyota Tacoma X-Runner Concept 1/3 Pictured: Toyota Tacoma X-Runner Concept 2/3 Pictured: Toyota Tacoma X-Runner 3/3 concept

    Another Toyota exhibit at the SEMA show was the concept of a sports version of the mid-size Tacoma X-Runner pickup truck. Let us remember that the Japanese brand had a model with such an addition to the name in the period from 2005 to 2014: then in the American market this version competed with the Dodge Ram SRT-10. The current show car is based on the current fourth-generation Tacoma, which debuted in May 2023.

    In the photo: interior of the Toyota Tacoma X-Runner concept

    The concept with the addition of the X-Runner differs from the “regular” pickup truck due to a massive aggressive body kit, an upgraded suspension (it received a number of components from the “older” Tundra), a 76 mm wider track, larger front brakes, a reinforced rear axle, carbon fiber wheels, as well as 21-inch wheels.

    Under the hood of the Toyota Tacoma X-Runner

    The Tacoma X-Runner show car has a non-standard filling under the hood – the concept pickup truck was equipped with a 3.4-liter V6 biturbo engine from the Toyota Tundra, with a power of 427 hp. Note that the current Tacoma is equipped with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine (231 hp), or a hybrid installation based on it (total output – 331 hp). It is possible that the sports pickup will reach production.

    Pictured: Toyota FJ Bruiser concept 1/5 In the photo: Toyota FJ Bruiser 2/5 concept In the photo: Toyota FJ Bruiser 3/5 concept Pictured: Toyota FJ Bruiser 4/5 concept Pictured: concept Toyota FJ Bruiser 5/5

    Another concept shown at SEMA is the Toyota FJ Bruiser. It is a retro-styled four-wheel drive pickup truck based on the 1966 FJ45. The show car was equipped with 42-inch BF Goodrich Krawler T/A KX off-road tires, which were shod with 20-inch wheels, a two-seat vintage interior with checkered upholstery, and an upgraded V8 engine (installed in TRD for participation in the NASCAR Cup ), its power is 735 hp. It's mated to a Rancho Drivetrain Engineering three-speed automatic. The maximum speed of this concept is 266 km/h.

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