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    The exhibition “Mayakovsky: “Spots of colors and ringing slogans” will open in Moscow

    MOSCOW, April 18 In the Exhibition Hall of the Federal Archives in Moscow on April 23, the opening of the historical and documentary exhibition “Vladimir Mayakovsky: “Spots of Color and Ringing” will take place slogans”, dedicated to the 105th anniversary of the release of the first posters from the series “Windows of Satire ROSTA”, the project's press service reported.
    “Windows” are inextricably linked with the names of Mayakovsky, Malevich, Cheremny and other artists, poets, writers , who collaborated with “Windows”.
    “ROSTA Windows is a unique monument of the revolutionary era. Vivid images combined with slogan texts created a powerful propaganda effect. Moreover, each “Window” can be considered a solid, complete work of avant-garde art. The theme of the posters is still relevant now: help to the front and Donbass, the crisis in Europe, the confrontation with Poland,” the message says.
    Initially, “Windows” were drawn in one copy and published weekly. But they became so popular that since September 1920 For years, they were replicated using cardboard stencils. In 2-3 days, up to 300 copies of “Windows” were created. As they were made, copies were exhibited in the busiest places of Soviet cities.In total, the exhibition features more than 200 exhibits from the Federal Archives, the Historical Museum, the Mayakovsky Museum, the Volgograd Museum of Fine Arts, as well as from the private collection of the family of one of the creators of the “ROSTA Windows” posters, N. Vinogradov.
    In addition to the posters themselves, many of which are being exhibited for the first time, the exhibition presents historical documents from 1918-20, photographs, newsreels, sculpture, memorial items and propaganda art objects (porcelain, textiles). The exhibition includes three sets of “GROWTH Windows”, the author of which is Mayakovsky. In total, 30 of the most striking samples were selected for the exhibition. For the first time, the collection of posters preserved in the RF GA will be presented in such a volume.

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