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    “Threat to the West”: the United States was afraid of unique Russian weapons

    MOSCOW, April 20 . The Russian Tu-160M2 bomber is ahead of its US counterparts, so it is causing serious fears of Western countries, writes The National Interest.
    “The new Russian modernized Tu-160M2 has a powerful offensive potential and poses a serious threat to the West. The new White Swans will be able to launch hypersonic missiles. <…> Like its prototype, the new version will be able to carry six different types of weapons, including the X missile -101 and its nuclear version X-102,” the publication emphasized.

    It is noted that the Russian Tu-160M ​​“Blackjack”, or “White Swan”, is rightfully considered one of the most formidable in the world. The author of the article added that in order to counter this bomber, the United States needs to improve its American counterparts.

    “However, to seriously confront this threat, the US military will have to completely modernize its air force, but there is no sign of this in the near future. Thus, the Russians, provided that they produce bombers in sufficient quantities, will have a key advantage over Western competitors,” – summarized in the publication.
    The Tu-160 strategic bomber-missile carrier with variable sweep wings is the main machine of long-range aviation. It is designed to destroy the most important targets in remote military-geographical areas with nuclear and conventional weapons. The program for the reproduction of the Tu-160 in a modernized form – the Tu-160M ​​- was launched by the decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Specialists have completely digitized design documentation, restored the technology of vacuum welding of titanium products, resumed production of airframe units, and formed a new cooperation.
    Read the full text of the article on the InoSMI website >>

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