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    Unfashionable: what Hyundai would look like with regular headlights

    Not so long ago we imagined what some models of the Korean company could look like with the now fashionable “two-story” optics without this very top “floor”, and now we will show these same models with traditional headlights.

    Let's start in alphabetical order, and the first in our selection is the flagship Grandeur sedan, which premiered at the end of 2022. It retained the characteristic LED strip across the entire width of the front part, while full-fledged low and high beam units were added to it. The massive radiator grille has become even wider due to the “freed up” space.

    Render of Hyundai Grandeur with traditional headlights 1/2 Standard Hyundai Grandeur 2/2

    Another flagship of the Korean brand is the Palisade crossover, which updated two years ago. Here the changes in appearance are the least radical, since in the original the grille design imitates the presence of headlights in the usual place.

    Render of Hyundai Palisade with traditional headlights 1/2 Standard Hyundai Palisade 2/2

    One of the first Hyundai models to receive separate front optics was the more compact Santa Fe crossover. It was first demonstrated in 2018, and a little more than two years later a significantly modified restyled version was presented. In this case, we simply “fused” the upper and lower headlight blocks, especially since the graphics of the LED lights encourage this.

    Render of Hyundai Santa Fe with traditional headlights 1/2 Standard Hyundai Santa Fe 2/2

    The latest model in this collection is Sonata eighth generation, an updated version of which was presented in March last year. Here, as in the case of Grandeur, the main tone is set by the LED strip. It was preserved, but acquired a new shape at the edges due to the addition of blocks of main light.

    Hyundai Sonata render with traditional headlights 1/2 Standard Hyundai Sonata 2/2

    Another “carrier” of the front LED strip is the Staria minivan, first demonstrated in the spring of 2021. In this case, the strip disappeared, and instead of it, full-fledged headlights appeared in their place, between which the radiator grille was located.

    Render of Hyundai Staria with traditional headlights 1/2 Standard Hyundai Staria 2/2

    As before, we invite you to share ideas in the comments about what other models would be suitable for our new section related to “double-deck” headlights. We also recall that earlier this month the "short" restyled Hyundai Tucson for Europe

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