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    DOGMA began cooperation with Sarex

    Federal developer DOGMA is implementing the software of the Russian vendor Sarex “Shared Data Environment”. The Sarex product will be integrated into a single digital platform DOGMA 360, which will ensure effective interaction between all participants in the development process, will consolidate work with documents and monitor the progress of construction of projects.

    The DOGMA 360 digital platform based on the “Sarex Common Data Environment” will provide remote access to working documents to all participants in the construction process from external contractors, designers and the developer-customer, and will also provide control over the relevance of the data. This will save up to 40% of time in the process of approving all necessary project documentation. QR codes will be placed on each floor of the building under construction, which the contractor will be able to scan and check with the standards and requirements for work at any time. This will optimize construction time and improve its quality.

    “The DOGMA team chose Sarex for several reasons. First of all, this is due to the convenience of work due to centralized storage of documents and systematization of all necessary information. In addition, we can provide access to data to both company employees and external contractors. This will significantly improve productivity and collaboration efficiency. Also an important aspect of choosing a contractor was the ability to install a “Shared Data Environment” in the DOGMA circuit, which guarantees the security and protection of our data,” notes Alexey Titov, Director of the IT Solutions Department at DOGMA.

    < p class="doc__text">Sarex provides the opportunity to completely abandon the use of paper. The system provides the possibility of an electronic digital signature, which makes it convenient to approve documents on various devices – phone, tablet or computer. For DOGMA, which is switching to electronic document management, this is an additional advantage.

    The developer is committed to long-term cooperation with Sarex and plans to further expand the scope of cooperation for the implementation of projects.

    “The DOGMA team is distinguished by an ambitious approach to the digitalization of the construction industry and the use of information modeling technologies, therefore, together with our colleagues, we formed a comprehensive plan for the development of the platform and significantly expanded our road map,” says Tatyana Erofeeva, development director of the Sarex Shared Data Environment.

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