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    Mansory Gronos 6×6: another attempt to outdo Brabus, and quite successful!

    German tuning studio Mansory presented a three-axle Gronos 6×6 pickup truck based on the Mercedes-AMG G 63 SUV. From similar products from other tuners Gronos 6×6 is distinguished by rear doors that open in the opposite direction to the front, and extremely sophisticated carbon fiber decor.

    After a major modernization in 2018, the legendary Mercedes-Benz G-Class has not yet received a factory version with a pickup body, but tuning studios are successfully filling this gap. The first and main instigator here is the Brabus company: in 2020 it presented a two-axle helicopter pickup XLP on so-called portal axles (with wheel gears), and last year the model range of the Bottrop studio was supplemented by a similar three-axle pickup. Alternative conversions in the same genre are offered today by other tuners – for example, the American company Pit26 Motorsports, and now Mansory.

    Mansory has long been hot on the heels of Brabus, offering alternative versions of almost all of its models, and Mansory has a higher level of kitsch with a similar level of technical characteristics. Mansory Gronos 6×6 is a typical example: compared to the Brabus XLP 900 6×6, the Mansory pickup has a more sophisticated carbon body kit with artistic fiber weaving – upon closer inspection, it is clearly visible that the fibers form a pattern of a steel chain, but this is for a specific instance, in subsequent ones the pattern may be different. But the main feature of the Mansory Gronos 6×6 is the new rear doors; here they open in the opposite direction to the front, which makes it much easier to get in/out of rear passengers; in addition, the high sills are equipped with retractable footrests.

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    Mansory claims that the redesign of the rear doors alone required a huge amount of body work carried out taking into account all safety requirements. Extending the frame, installing a third axle, custom suspension with wheel gearboxes and a custom cargo compartment is a separate large area of ​​work. A winch is integrated into the front bumper, and an expeditionary roof rack is installed on the roof, combined with a “chandelier” of four LED spotlights. There are two additional headlights on the front bumper. Even small fittings (for example, door handles) at Mansory, unlike Brabus, are made of carbon.

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    The interior of the Mansory Gronos 6×6 is trimmed with delicate quilted leather of our own production. The steering wheel, front panel, center console and door cards are decorated with woven carbon fiber. The second row has two individual luxury seats. More than 3,000 LEDs are implanted into the roof, creating the effect of a starry sky. Scatterings of LEDs are generally scattered throughout the interior, they can change color and blink – lighting scores are written according to a specific customer.

    The power plant of the Mansory Gronos 6×6 is essentially the same as that of the two-axle Mansory Gronos 4×4 SUV, which debuted last fall. The stock 4.0-liter petrol twin-turbo V8 engine (factory index M177) is equipped with new, higher-performance turbochargers generating excess pressure of up to 3.45 bar, new intercoolers, new fuel injectors, new intake/exhaust systems and a new control program, as a result output increased from 585 hp. and 850 Nm to 900 hp. and 1200 Nm.

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    The transmission, of course, is also improved, all differentials are equipped with forced locks. The demo sample is equipped with road tires on 22-inch forged Mansory YN.5 wheels, but if the customer wishes, it is possible to install “toothy” off-road tires with adjustable pressure on 20-inch wheels.

    Mansory will release only 10 copies of Gronos 6×6, the price is not disclosed, but it is clear that it is cosmic.

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